Manncorp 2020 in Review

Our Year in Review

The year is coming to an end. We probably aren’t the only ones looking forward to putting 2020 behind us and moving into the new and (hopefully) improved 2021. But looking back, we still have plenty to be grateful for.

Exhibiting at IPC APEX 2020

We didn’t know it would be the only expo we attended this year… but we enjoyed it! It was great to get to see everyone, and we hope that everyone there enjoyed our booth.

Our Core Machines From the Line Exhibited at APEX

You can read more about our experience and our machines at the expo here.

Moving Into Our New PA Office

Manncorp headquarter in Hatboro, PA.

In February of this year, Manncorp decided to upgrade to a 35,000 sq. ft. building, complete with manufacturing, engineering, marketing, and sales departments, a full demo center, and even an employee gym.

Adapting to a New Business Model

Then, we had to leave the office. While having to work from home because of COVID-19, our team of people exhibited resiliency during the trying times and ingenuity in the face of difficulty. As a result, we brainstormed and began offering more remote services and customer education options.

Helping Customers Bring Production In-House

During our work-from-home period and beyond, Manncorp has been blessed with some great customers we were able to help with bringing production in-house.

From helping organizations directly impacting efforts against the pandemic, like Northwestern University, to helping small businesses, like Critter & Guitari, Manncorp was happy to provide equipment and services all through this year.

Left: Critter & Guitari's top product, The Organelle, in action.
Right: ICU-grade device created at Northwestern University.

Launching New Programs and Options

  • This year, we expanded our services options by starting the Send-it Back program, which allows us to complete In-House repairs at either of our Manncorp headquarters.
  • We also officially launched the Trade In, Trade Up program. Through refurbishing pre-owned manufacturing equipment, we can now offer budget-saving alternatives to buying new.
  • Lastly, Manncorp has increased the availability of custom equipment for customers. We are now offering more customization options than ever before, and receiving exactly what you need is as simple as texting or calling our team member Chris at 215-869-8374.

Looking Forward to 2021

Our team is optimistic about the year ahead. One of the main highlights we are looking forward to in early 2021 is the launching of our new Manncorp Website. It will have a new and improved appearance with easier accessibility to all our info and features.

Be on the lookout for this exciting update – we hope it makes learning about and working with us an even better experience.

At the end of this year, we hope you and your company can find things to be grateful for and look forward to as well. Feel free to share any of these things over on our social media platforms! Join us in bidding farewell to 2020 and welcoming 2021 on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook.