Send Us Your BOM for a FREE Analysis

Send Us Your BOM for a FREE Analysis

Get Expert Advice on Equipment Recommendations

The first step in identifying your minimum equipment requirements is to get a FREE BOM (bill of materials) analysis. If you have several BOM's, we encourage you to send them all, or at least send the one that is most complex. With a BOM analysis and the answers to the questions in the form below, we can determine how many feeders and feeder slots are needed, which machines fit your boards, and the component per hour minimum requirement to meet production needs. This information helps us to make the best equipment recommendation for your products. We will keep all information confidential, and if an NDA is required, please send it in. If you have any questions, please text or call our Sales & Operations Manager, Chris Ellis, directly on his cell phone at 215-869-8374.

The BOM and questions below provide crucial information for us to calculate:

  • Required Placement Rate
  • Feeder Slots Needed
  • Feeder Types and Quantities
  • Machines Required
bom diagram

To give you an accurate analysis, we'll ask you to send a full BOM for each of your projects. Don't worry if it's in raw format - our team can still identify component sizes and packaging through extensive SMD cross-reference.

bom diagram

BOM Evaluations

Our certified technicians will get in touch with you to carefully review the information on your Bill of Materials as well as facilitating changeovers and increasing workflow.

Submit Your Bill of Materials


Or, feel free to send your BOM to Chris Ellis at or call 215-830-1200 to get started.