Preconfigured PCB Assembly Lines

9 products

Find the perfect automatic, semi-automatic, or manual SMT or LED production line for your in-house PCB assembly with Manncorp's pre-configured equipment bundles. A major benefit of a Manncorp assembly line is that you have just one number to call when you need support, and a support technician with thorough knowledge of every piece of equipment in that line.
9 products
Advanced Starter PCB Assembly Line
  • Higher component placement rates
  • PCBs from 0201 to 100x 150 mm
  • Integrated paste dispenser
Low Volume OEM PCB Assembly Line
  • Step up from Advanced Starter Lab Line
  • Prototyping & small output assemblies
  • Plus, a fine pitch stencil printer
High Mix, Low Volume Assembly Line
  • Double the feeder slots
  • Nearly twice the placement speed
  • Compared to Low Volume OEM line
High Mix OEM PCB Assembly Line
  • Fully automatic workcell
  • Geared toward quality, precision & speed
  • Small to medium assembly
Inline Production PCB Assembly Line
  • Our best-selling line for OEMs
  • Full inline solution
  • 10,500 CPH and 96 feeder ports
High Speed Inline PCB Assembly Line
  • Highest feeder count, 192 slots
  • Full inline solution
  • 10,500 CPH
LED Assembly Line
  • Fully automatic line
  • Configured directly for LED production
  • Place up to 15,000 LEDs per hour
Manual Assembly Lab Line
  • Great solution for lab settings
  • Low-quantity product runs & prototyping
  • Requires manual operation
Expert Manual Assembly Lab Line
  • Complex PCBAs to simple LED assemblies
  • Fine pitch parts and BGAs
  • Expert-level for lab settings