MX1 X-Ray Inspection System

MX1 X-Ray Inspection System for PCB Assembly from Manncorp

MX1 X-Ray Inspection System

Manncorp’s new MX1 is a high-performance x-ray inspection system designed for real time imaging of multilayer PCBs and dense metal BGAs, μBGAs, and chip scale packages. Its high voltage (80kV), computer-controlled x-ray tube and 35 μm focal spot provide the power necessary for detection of a variety of defects including bridging, voids, and missing balls. The MX1’s standard camera features continuous zoom magnification from 4X to 50X and variable angle viewing up to 45°, and an upgrade to the x-ray tube can boost magnification to 225X.

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Magnification Maximum
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Difference In Magnification

The images above show the differences in magnification and detail that can be expected between the standard 80 kV x-ray tube with a 35 µm focal spot (left) or the upgraded x-ray tube with a 10 µm focal spot and magnification up to 225X (right).

MX1 X-Ray Inspection Exposes Hidden BGA Flaws

Manncorp's MX1 Real-Time X-Ray Inspection System detects hidden BGA flaws such as missing solder balls (image A), misregistration between solder balls and pads (image B), solder bridging (image C), and voids within solder balls (image D).

MX1 Specifications
Contrast ResolutionCan resolve 0.001 gold wire
Spatial Resolution20 line-pairs/mm (standard)
100 line-pairs/mm (w/ optional 10 μm x-ray source)
Anode Voltage80kV
Anode Current150 microamps (internal adjustment)
Focal Spot Size35 μm (standard)
10 μm (optional)
Focal Spot to Image Plane Distance4-6" (101.6 mm - 152.4 mm)
XRTV Zoom Camera4X - 50X magnification (standard)
Up to 225x (optional)
X-Y Positioner Range14" x 14" (356 mm x 356 mm)
Operating Voltage120v/220v, 50-60hz
Dimensions50" H x 60" W x 33" D
(1270 mm x 1524 mm x 838.2 mm)

MX1 X-Ray Features

  • High voltage 80 kV x-ray tube w/ 35 µm focal spot (10 μm optional)
  • XRTV high-sensitivity x-ray camera w/ 4X-50X magnification (up to 225X optional)
  • Motorized X-Y positioner
  • Variable angle viewing up to 45°
  • Safety shielded work area
  • PC and monitor
  • Powerful, easy-to-use, image-processing software

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