Radial Lead Cutters/Formers

4 products

Efficiently cut and bend taped or loose radial components. Manual, motorized, and pneumatic radial lead trimmers and formers available.
4 products
RT79 Radial Lead Cutter
  • Radial lead hand-crank cutters
  • Quick setup
  • Rotary discs
from $1,649.00
RT70 Motorized Radial Lead Cutter
  • Motorized radial lead cutter
  • Quick setup
  • Rotary discs
from $3,149.00
CF360 Loose Radial Lead Cutter
  • Loose radial lead cutter
  • Linear feeder for all size parts
  • Up to 9,000 parts per hour
AR108 Radial Lead Cut and Bend Tool
  • Cut and bend radial components leads
  • Low-maintenance, quick die changeovers
  • Typically 1,000 CPH