Manncorp Assists Northwestern University’s Efforts Against COVID-19

The manufacturing of the first wearable device to track virus symptoms for early intervention.

Manncorp is dedicated to helping establishments directly combatting the COVID-19 crisis. Northwestern University, which is working closely with Sibel Medical, is one organization that Manncorp has recently been able to provide equipment and services to.

Sibel Medical is a manufacturer of remote monitoring systems. These systems provide ICU-grade measurements heart rate, respiratory rates, and temperature. Soon, it will also measure blood oxygenation levels, a vital aspect of early diagnosis. These monitoring systems have been identified by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as critical technologies in the battle against the epidemic. Northwestern University has partnered with Sibel to assist them in this vital work.

Manncorp has been able to provide Northwestern with the necessary equipment for manufacturing their monitoring systems. A Manncorp team member helped install their new MC385 Pick and Place Machine with a high-resolution vision system for 01005 components, an MC110 Stencil Printer, and a Vapor Phase soldering machine (to eliminate the possibility of overheating delicate medical devices).

The Northwestern personnel were also trained by the Manncorp team on how to properly use each machine. This equipment and training have prepared the team at Northwestern for manufacturing their necessary medical products.

The wearable monitor developed with researchers at Northwestern University can be used to detect early symptoms of the COVID-19 virus. Using wireless sensors, the device can collect data on a patient’s vitals, which can then be used to determine if the person is experiencing any virus-related issues. The silicone device resembles a thick, rubberized band-aid and is worn at the base of the throat to monitor heart rate, temperature, and breathing.

Due to the design of this device, the component size, its density, and the materials used in its production, it would be extremely difficult to manufacture this product without precise machinery. Also, entrusting the manufacturing of this product to contract manufacturers would put Northwestern at risk of losing their proprietary knowledge and design. These issues were mitigated by bringing production in-house.

By using a Manncorp production line, Northwestern University now has the capability of producing hundreds of these devices per week without outside assistance. The machines from Manncorp provide well-rounded precision, from the solder paste application to the component mounting. Northwestern has benefitted from the new equipment so much that they decided to order a second production line from Manncorp. This line will soon be up and running in a secondary facility, allowing them to increase their medical device output.

Serving companies and organizations that are critical to national infrastructure is key for maintaining stability and moving towards recovery. Being able to assist critical businesses in this time of need is an opportunity the team at Manncorp is taking seriously. Company President, Henry Mann says, “Keeping our service team available and providing the necessary equipment and help—this is how we at Manncorp are doing our part.”

To contact Manncorp for more information on the Northwestern University production line, or to inquire about installing equipment at your own business, call 215-830-1200 or email at