Buying Online with Added Benefits through Manncorp

If you are frustrated with extended wait times for delivery of your finished printed circuit boards, the low quality of products you receive, or other issues that can come from outsourcing your production, then it may be time to consider bringing production in-house.

The team at Manncorp understands the difficulties that come with procuring products overseas, especially during this volatile time, while also understanding the challenges that can come with taking control of your supply chain. This is why Manncorp is offering the convenience of online purchasing but with the added benefit of support from machinery specialists that you may not get from alternative sources.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses like Manncorp have had to adapt as in-person visitations have been reduced due to travel limitations or company visitation restrictions. As a result, offering more services online has become essential.

By choosing Manncorp, you will receive an online quote, access to helpful installation videos, and lifetime support for the original purchaser—all at no cost to you.

Manncorp is your risk-free manufacturing partner. Simply send in your bill of materials for a comprehensive review and product recommendations. Plus, if you choose to purchase equipment online, you will receive an exclusive discount.

Through screen-controlling diagnosis technology, an array of informative videos, and on-call experts being available, you will experience the same high-quality customer service, even if in-person installation and assistance are not possible.

Whether through remote-location or in-person troubleshooting, the Manncorp team can help improve your SMT process. If you need assistance with fine-tuning a new pick and place machine, profiling a reflow oven, or perfecting solder paste application, the experts at Manncorp are available to offer advice that will increase the efficiency and quality of your output.

Avoid the delays caused by waiting while larger companies have their prototypes developed and their boards expedited. Take control of your PCB assembly and eliminate the vulnerabilities that arise from relying on outside contractors by investing in your own SMT line.

By choosing Manncorp as your machinery supplier, you will gain the peace-of-mind that comes from extended warranties and top-notch services. They have over 50-years of experience in the technology industry and take pride in ensuring quick satisfaction for their customers.

To receive individualized product recommendations or inquire about online-buying discounts feel free to call 215-869-8374 (East Coast) or 215-808-6266 (West Coast), or send an email to