Explore Customer Education Options in our Remote Services Package

When purchasing automated equipment for your company’s PCB assembly line, you will be supported every step of the way by our top-notch team of experts. Once our sales team has found the best equipment for your needs, our service team steps in to help set up your new machine and/or seamlessly integrate it into your existing line-up. From that point on, you will have access to Lifetime Support on your Manncorp Equipment, which includes our recently developed Remote Service Package.

How to Receive Training on your SMT Equipment

Customer Education is a top priority at Manncorp. SMT training is available to all our customers, free of cost. By texting, calling, or filling out the Service Request form on our website, one of our team members will gladly reach out with advice and resources.

The Customer Education portion of our Remote Service Package includes:

1. Video Conference Customer Walk-Throughs

Before deciding to buy, or during an In-House Repair session, a team member can show machine details and offer explanations in real-time.

2. Demo Videos

View easy-to-follow instructional videos for setting up your machine.

3. Remote Dial-in through Team Viewer

Allow technicians to demonstrate features of your machine and give advice using built-in remote technology.

4. Automated Machine Troubleshooting

Have your equipment problems simply and effectively solved by our expert diagnostic technicians.

5. 1-on-1 Q&A Sessions

Get the right answers to your programming or software questions; our team answers hundreds of questions per week and can help brainstorm custom solutions you may need.

Meet the Service Team

Here at Manncorp, our equipment service team supports you and our members support one another. Our team leader, Eric attests to this, observing how all the techs work together as a cohesive unit. “One of our techs is always here to help,” says Eric. This teamwork results in the most benefits for our customers.

Team Leader: Eric Bach

Throughout Eric’s time as the Service Leader at Manncorp, he explains, the challenge has been staying ahead of the technology. Manncorp strives to provide updated machines that can handle the latest trends. Eric tells us, “What this means for the techs, is constantly staying up-to-date.” Meanwhile, some customers are still using machines from the last century. We build equipment that will last, so it is a testament to our quality that we get to help manufacturers who are still using machines that were built decades ago. It just means being ready as a team for troubleshooting issues on both ultra-modern and traditional machines.

Service Techs: Andy & Gerald

With Andy Scheer on the East Coast and Gerald Abdon on the West Coast, Manncorp customers can have quick access to help 24/7. Andy and Gerald can allot time specifically for training your staff members in the best ways to operate new production equipment. With 20+ years of experience each, they are fully equipped to handle difficult questions from installation, to replacement part recommendations, and everything in between.

Andy Scheer – Hatboro, PA
Gerald Abdon – San Diego, CA


Complete Assurance of Reliability & Exceptional Support

Manncorp is a team of real people. The team members mentioned, and more, are ready to help make your equipment upgrades painless and your production process run as efficiently as possible. Take advantage of our staff’s years of expertise and receive your Customer Education training benefits – these are the perks of choosing Manncorp as your equipment supplier.

To reach our service team, you can email us at service@manncorp.com or call us at 215-830-1205.