What to Do with a Broken Machine

When purchasing a major piece of manufacturing equipment, we would all like to believe that it will last forever. The truth is anything with moving parts and electrical components will eventually break down. We run equipment daily, often with different operators and under different conditions. With this constant wear and tear, any machinery will eventually stop working properly. When that day comes, you should know what to do with your broken machine.

Improving or Moving on from your Broken Equipment

The good news is you have options. Just because a machine breaks down, it doesn’t mean your production flow has to. Rather than just pushing the damaged equipment to the side and taking a loss of revenue, your company can quickly return to optimal manufacturing capacity without a large cash outlay by fixing the issue or trading the machine in.

First, evaluate the situation. Once you have verified that the machinery is having a problem, your team should decide:

  • Is this a minor issue that can be solved in-house?
    If so, submit a request through our service portal. Include a photo of your machine’s ID tag and a photo capturing the problem, if possible. We will send you any necessary part replacements so your personnel can complete the repair.
  • Is the machinery in question simply outdated?
    In some cases—if you have old equipment, not broken equipment—it is better to trade in your current machine for a model that better suits your company’s needs. The Manncorp Trade In, Trade Up program may be the best option for you.
  • Is a more specialized or intensive repair required?
    If the broken equipment is still appropriate for your speed and capacity requirements, but cannot be easily fixed by your personnel, the highly trained technicians at Manncorp can lend a hand. An advantage of buying directly from Manncorp is that we are the original supplier of all our equipment. Our team of experts will know exactly what to do, from small problems to major ones.

Options for Fixing your Broken Machine

Especially during the pandemic, accommodating customers with malfunctioning equipment or specific requirements—without the in-person risks—has become a major priority. Given the current landscape, as many companies are struggling, we are doing our best to make fulfilling service requirements easier on customers and our staff.

1. Remote Technical Services

If you have a question or concern that you would like addressed over a phone call or video conference, team members are available to provide remote diagnostics. Thanks to built-in remote technology through Team Viewer, our machines can be fixed from a distance.

For more info, you can read further about our remote services.

2. In-House Repairs

For more intensive repairs, we can fix broken equipment at either of our own facilities. This is a new service option Manncorp is offering at our headquarters in Hatboro, PA and San Diego, CA. Delivery options on the West or East coasts make it easy to arrange pick-up and drop-off for your damaged machine – often with same-day shipping. So, you can get your PCB assembly line up and running again as quickly as possible.

A Customer Story of an In-House Repair

When a long-time customer of Manncorp recently came to us with their broken low-cost, early model MCLEDV4 Pick & Place Machine, it only had 2 out of 4 placement heads working. This was significantly reducing their manufacturing capacity.

This manufacturing company thought the machine had one problem, but it was something completely different; on top of the placement head issue, our technicians also diagnosed and fixed their shuttle conveyor. By having the machine in our own facility, we uncovered these problems more easily.

Once the broken machine was repaired, it was optimized to place 7,700 components per hour (CPH).

The pick & place machine was picked up from their Massachusetts facility and dropped off at the East Coast Manncorp headquarters with same-day delivery. This allowed for a quick turnaround time. Plus, since they had their machine fixed at our facility, we provided them with a post-repair Renewed Warranty.

Choosing a Manncorp in-house repair for a broken machine ensures that the most thorough job can be done. Distractions are minimized, the technician will not have to enter your facility, and the process is simple. Our technicians will provide a highly competent repair for a reasonable price; you will receive a quote upfront, with no hidden fees.

To learn more about this service, watch our video on in-house repairs.

These two service options are especially helpful for: governmental or military contractors that cannot have outside visitors, companies in states with travel bans, and companies wishing to uphold social distancing measures.

Start the Process

Whether you decide that the equipment you have isn’t quite right for your needs, that it has reached its expiration date, or that it just needs a bit of a tune-up, Manncorp has options for your company. With thousands of pick & place machines sold and over 50 years in the technology industry, Manncorp is a name you can trust.

Begin the process of fixing your broken machine by filling out this service request form.

To learn more about our trade up program, or ask our equipment experts any questions, feel free to reach out today. Call Chris Ellis (East Coast Sales Manager) - 215.869.8374, Ed Stone (West Coast Sales Manager) - 215.808.6266, or send an email to sales@manncorp.com.