How Manncorp Is Supporting Our Customers

In this difficult time caused by the COVID-19 virus, businesses are being forced to adapt. Business is not as usual, and we at Manncorp have come to appreciate the benefits of remote services. Our model has always included remote services free of cost for our customers; this allows the machines we sell to be up and running faster, while also eliminating the cost of sending a technician. However, this recent crisis has led to our team brainstorming some innovative new ideas.

As on-site staff is reduced across the nation, exceptional customer service is being necessitated. How we are meeting this standard is by providing new training videos, direct contact with customer service representatives, and real-time help through Team Viewer.

Our videography team has been producing videos that walk the viewer through the mechanical setup of our machines. These videos cover info on pick and place, stencil printers, reflow ovens, and even our AOI's for self-installations. They also demonstrate how to attach accessories and remove shipping brackets. We even have software tutorials on how to program a feeder, create vision files for the pick and place, and create programs in general. 

In some cases, a video may not provide everything you need. If you have an in-depth question, our highly trained service team can help. Not only are we readily available by phone, but we can also connect to your equipment using screen sharing software to diagnose anything that may be going wrong. Contact our service team as soon as you need support.

A lot has changed since the outbreak, but one thing that hasn’t changed is our dedication to our customers. In this time of uncertainty, we recognize our role in the running of supply chains and promise to uphold it. Our President, Henry Mann wants to assure all our customers: “We are ready. Our digital sales and service team is in place, ready to help. As the supply line tightens, we are prepared with machines already built at our factory, ready to be tailored to your specific requirements.”

Bring your production in-house! Take control of the process and eliminate the frustration of being pushed to the back burner by suppliers while larger companies are given precedence. Take control over not only your production but also prototyping, pre-production, and small batch assembly. Bringing your PCB assembly in-house decreases cost, improves lead time, and improves cash flow.

When you invest in a Manncorp SMT assembly line, you receive high quality production equipment and top-notch customer support backed by a legacy of 50 years of service. Along with your purchase, you will be protected by a strong warranty. If you are interested in bringing a new assembly line into your facility but aren’t sure which options are best for your needs, our team members Ed and Chris will be able to give expert advice. You can contact them by calling 215-830-1200 or emailing