How to Improve Your Production Process

Upgrading Your SMT Line

An important aspect of having a good production process is making sure your equipment is up-to-date and in good repair. We recommend regularly evaluating your machines on aspects like efficiency, effectiveness, and value provided. You should also assess the amount of machine downtime and whether there are general equipment issues. If you have reviewed your line-up and decided that it’s time for an upgrade, there are some options to consider.

In addition to simply buying new, your company could:

Trade Up – a great, economical solution is to trade in old equipment for a new & improved machine.

Purchase Pre-owned Equipment – A recently launched option at Manncorp is to select a fully-refurbished machine to add to your line-up. For the best deal, you may even consider trading in unneeded equipment for credit towards the new-to-you machine.

Repair Existing Equipment – One simple, but effective, way to improve your production process is to have any out-of-service equipment repaired. By providing machines with regular maintenance and fixing any broken machines, you will reduce equipment downtime.

Have a Great Buying Experience

When you decide to upgrade your equipment, the company you choose can have a big impact on this process. Some key points that our team values, and that you should expect as a customer, include: Clear Communication, Honest Information, and High-Quality Products.

These three aspects of the buying experience are important for a satisfactory experience. If a company doesn’t consistently remain in contact with customers, doesn’t answer questions or field your concerns, and doesn’t provide helpful materials on the products, they may not be an equipment supplier that should be trusted.

Some red flags to look out for during the buying process are: False Promises, Misinformation, Unclear Product Materials, and a Lack of Response from Customer Service.

At Manncorp, we take pride in helping our customers through this process. Our goal is to have people feel satisfied with their buying experience.

Expect Great After-Care

Once you have made your equipment purchase, the help shouldn’t stop there. At Manncorp, a big area where we constantly work to improve – and where customers say many SMT suppliers fall short – is in providing satisfactory after-care.

We see the after-care process as broken into two parts:
Services and Materials.

Services that we offer, and that customers should expect to be available, include:

  • Remote services
  • BOM analyses
  • A variety of warranties
  • Equipment installs
  • Equipment and software trainings
  • A 24/7 customer service line

Materials that we provide and have been found to be helpful include:

  • Live equipment demos
  • Helpful instruction manuals
  • Custom floorplan layouts
  • Informative blogs and videos

A Final Word

Overall, we have found that customers can improve their production process internally by having updated equipment in good working order. And customers can have their buying process and after-care experiences improved by choosing a company that offers thorough and honest communication, good quality machines, and a combo of helpful materials and services.

Plus, it is helpful to have that slightly more intangible aspect of fostering good and lasting relationships. To read about the experience Manncorp customer, Harrison Laboratories Inc., had with different SMT suppliers and the feedback they gave us on the importance of good customer service, click here.