The Most Affordable Equipment Upgrade for your SMT Line: Refurbished Machines

This year, a lot of budgets will be tighter. Even so, many companies will be looking to upgrade their SMT equipment for improved speeds and quality. If you need an affordable way to bring your production to the next level, used Manncorp machines may be a great option!

Where to Find Refurbished Equipment

For the most current information, call Chris Ellis at 215-869-8374.

Refurbished Machine Spotlights

Currently, we have some top-notch options in our used equipment line up. Here is a sneak peak of what we have to offer:

AP430 Automatic Inline Stencil Printer
This is a fully-automatic SMT stencil printer with programmable controls for the blades and stencil-PCB separation process—high-quality prints are guaranteed.

MCLEDV4 LED Pick & Place Machine
Get LED boards and flexible strips assembled at rates of 15,000 CPH and full on-the-fly vision alignment with this automatic, specialty placer.

CR8000 8-Zone SMT Reflow Oven
The CR8000 takes up less floor space than comparable alternatives and has a throughput that can keep pace with even high-volume production requirements.

Buying Used PCB Assembly Equipment

When deciding which refurbished machines to upgrade to, you can reach out to our sales team for guidance along the way. Our dedicated equipment experts will review your current line-up and offer advice on the best machines for your needs. Once you receive your equipment, we will also help with the install and setup process, making sure that the equipment you choose works exactly as it should. Pro Tip: To get an even better deal on your affordable equipment upgrade, you can send us any Manncorp equipment that no longer meets your needs, and we will provide a trade-in value for you to put towards the purchase. Learn more about our Trade-in, Trade-up Program.