Ultra-Dry 157V Desiccant Dry Box

Compact desiccant dry cabinet protects moisture-sensitive devices

Manncorp’s Ultra-Dry "V" series desiccant cabinets eliminate the risk of serious defects and failures that result from improper storage of moisture-sensitive electronic components and assemblies. Model 157V features 5.8 cu. ft. (165 L) capacity and three adjustable shelves.

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Nitrogen Module for Dryboxes + $2,495.00

Model 157V

Model 157V is Manncorp's smallest and lowest price dry box. With an interior capacity of 5.8 cu. ft. (165L) this cabinet is ample for labs, prototypers, start-ups and other low-volume assemblers.

Other than size, the 157V retains all the features of V-series models, including three adjustable shelves and turbo dry modules for faster drying without compressed air.


MODEL 157V 290V 315V 490V 790V 1490V
Electrical Requirements 110V 110V 110V 110V 110V 110V
External Size L/W/H 18" x 18" 38" 450 x 452 x 960 mm 24" x 27.4" x 25" 600 x 695 x 642 mm 36" x 18" x 41" 905 x 452 x 1045 mm 24" x 27.4" x 50" 600 x 695 x 1274 mm 24" x 27.4" x 72" 600 x 695 x 1820 mm 47" x 27.4" x 72" 1200 x 695 x 1820 mm
Internal Size L/W/H 18" x 17" x 34" 448 x 425 x 870 mm 24" x 25" x 21" 598 x 645 x 524 mm 36" x 17" 34" 903 x 425 x 870 mm 24" x 25" 42" 598 x 645 x 1071 mm 24" x 25" x 64" 598 x 645 x 1618 mm 47" x 25" x 64" 1198 x 645 x 1618 mm
Capacity 5.8 cu. ft. (165L) 7.1 cu. ft. (202L) 11.8 cu. ft. (334L) 14.5 cu. ft. (413L) 22 cu. ft.
44.1 cu. ft. (1250L)
No. Of Shelves 3 Adjustable 2 Adjustable 3 Adjustable 3 Adjustable 5 Adjustable 5 Adjustable
Wheels N/A N/A 2 antistatic, with breaks,
2 standard
2 antistatic, with breaks,
2 standard
2 antistatic, with breaks,
2 standard
2 antistatic, with breaks,
2 standard
Power Consumption Avg 55 w/hr.; Max. 295W Avg 55 w/hr.; Max. 295W Avg 105 w/hr.; Max. 585W Avg 105 w/hr.; Max. 585W Avg 105 w/hr.; Max. 585W Avg 105 w/hr.; Max. 585W
Shipping Information 23" L x
23" W x 
49" H;
120 lbs
32" L x
29" W x 
34" H;
145 lbs
23" L x
41" W x 
48" H;
200 lbs
32" L x
29" W x 
57" H;
180 lbs
29" L x
32" W x 
79" H;
235 lbs
32" L x
52" W x 
79" H;
445 lbs
Humidity Range ≤5% RH
Color Black
Structure 1 mm thick carbon steel with antistatic paint
Door Compression handles, airtight magnetic sealers and antistatic glass.
Grounding Wire 1MΩ. (940 mm long)
ESD Paint 103~109 Ω. (surface resistance)

The best performance of the dry cabinet is achieved under the ambient condition of temperature below 30°C and relative humidity below 60% RH.

Ultra-Dry 157V includes:

  • One black dry cabinet measuring 18" x 18" x 38" (450 mm x 452 mm x 870 mm) LxWxH with 5.8 cu. ft. (165 L) internal capacity
  • Locking door with compression handles and airtight magnetic sealers
  • Ultra-low humidity storage of ≤5%RH
  • 2 Turbo dry modules for faster drying without compressed air
  • Anti-static paint and glass
  • 3 adjustable shelves with 200-lb capacity each
  • 1-year warranty
  • Digital RH & temperature display

Shipping Information

  • Crated Dimensions: Approx. 23” L x 23” W x 49” H (585mm L x 585mm W x 1245mm H)
  • Gross Weight: Approx. 120 lbs. (55 kgs)

Use Manncorp Ultra-Dry Storage Cabinets to Protect and Store:

  • ICs and components in reels, trays, sticks, feeders or loose in bins or bags prior to placement.
  • Multilayer PCBs and bare boards meant for military and other class 3, high-reliability products.
  • Double-sided boards that have been partially assembled.
  • Moisture-absorbing materials, such as epoxy, resins, chemicals and adhesives.
  • Films and plastics used in production.


A. Start Installation
B. Stable
C. Door Open and Close

Door is opened 30 seconds and closed.

Ultra-Dry "V" series always reaches ≤5%Rh within 30 minutes after the door is opened and closed.

Prevent moisture-related damage and failures

Serious defects and failures, including many that don't show up until the product is in the field, can result from improper storage of moisture-sensitive electronic components and assemblies.

Manncorp's V series desiccant cabinets eliminate these failures, along with the risk of moisture-related defects resulting from damaged or improperly resealed moisture barrier bags (MBBs).

Eliminate ongoing consumable expenses

The humidity-controlled cabinets also eliminate the ongoing expense of humidity indicator cards (HICs) and desiccant bags.

Do more with cabinets

Unlike moisture barrier bags, dry cabinets for electronics components can be used to easily protect loaded tape and stick feeders, partially assembled PCBs, and high-layer-count or class 3 bare boards.

Low-humidity environment for storage

"V" series cabinets use a stand-alone thermo-hygrometer and regenerating desiccant to provide the best possible low-humidity environment for components and assemblies. These cabinets feature two or more turbo modules designed to rapidly reduce RH levels to ≤5% without the use of nitrogen or compressed air.

An RH of ≤5% is significantly lower than specified by IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033C—far more than enough to prevent moisture traces that cause microcracking, popcorning, delamination and solder joint failures.

Nitrogen environment available

Nitrogen systems are available as an option.

What if your components have already been exposed to moisture?

Don't throw them out! Their shelf life can be fully restored using a low-temperature baking cabinet. Ultra-Dry model 290H offers 7 cubic feet (413 liters) of storage capacity with a safe, effective low-temperature bake function added to renew exposed components. Learn more.

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