MAS399 Pro Micro Assembly & Placement System

MAS399 Pro Micro Assembly & Placement System

MAS399 Pro Micro Assembly & Placement System

Crafted with precision and innovation, the MAS399 boasts a robust high-strength steel frame and incorporates high-precision grade marble structural parts, guaranteeing unparalleled accuracy, stability and speed. This advanced system is designed to elevate your micro assembly production to new heights.

Equipped to handle various sizes and shapes of materials, the MAS399 effortlessly picks various object parts (chips, DBC, solder-plates, odd-shaped components) from wafers, tape, or trays, ensuring precision placement with an impressive accuracy of +/- 10 μm* at speeds reaching 2000μph. The pressure control head enables bonding with up to 2000g force, while the optional dispensing feature provides flexibility to meet your specific production needs.

Featuring multiple high-definition cameras, laser height measurement, standard Gel-Pak feeding trays, and a bulk material feeding platform with a vibratory driver, the MAS399 covers all the bases for efficient micro assembly. Its remarkable capability extends to a 600mm x 500mm area with an impressive .01 μm resolution, providing a vast working space for intricate tasks.

Customization is also at the forefront with the MAS399 - all options are fully customizable to tailor the system precisely to your unique requirements. Elevate your micro assembly production with the Manncorp MAS399, where precision meets innovation for unparalleled performance.

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Linear Motors

The main XY driving axis with high resolution linear motors and encoders provides for a fully closed-loop high speed, high precision solution with 0.001mm resolution and up to +/- 10μm placement accuracy. Production speeds up to 2000μph.

Multiple Feeding and Placement Forms Using HD Cameras

The optional Tape/Wafer/Tray/Bulk feeding modules to help equipment compatibility with different types of components and meet the various placement requirements of Dies/Chips/Solder-plate/DBC/Odd-form components. Dies sizes from 0.2 x 0.2 to 5 x 5mm using several HD cameras with a FOV range of .15 x .15 to 8 x 8mm.

Pressure Bond Head

1 or an optional 2nd bonding head with closed loop torque control settings. Standard force from 30g to 500g with an option for up to 2000g of bonding force.

Dispensing Head

Optional dispensing heads available. Pressure valve and syringe and Piezoelectric jet systems available.

Control System

Using Windows 10, the electrical control system adopts the international mainstream scheme of EtherCat, which makes the equipment maintenance easier using diagnostic software. The PC system has a 246GB high speed SSD for storing unlimited production files.

Customizable to Your Production Needs

Multiple options including various feeding tray sizes, bulk pack feeding platform using HD image recognition, automatic loading and unloading systems, various high speed dispensing heads, laser height measurement and multiple FOV for varying components are just a few of the options available. Whatever you need for production, we can build it.

MAS399 Micro Assembly System Specifications
XY Placement Accuracy± 10 ~ 20μm (process depending)
XY Resolution0.001mm
R-Axis Resolution0.02°
Feeding FormsTape Feeder (std.) + Tray (optional) + Wafer (optional) system
Tape Feeder PlatformFor 8mm Tape Feeder x 32 slots (48 slots larger platform is option),
(compatible with Solder-plate tape feeder)
Wafer Platform (Optional)For 8" Wafer Die Flange, the 4"/5"/6" flange platform is an option
Tray Platform (Optional)Max. 16 pcs of 2" Gel-Pak at each tray playofrm, max. 3 platforms installed
(if two or three tray platforms are installed, there is no space for wafer platform)
Productivity1500/2000μph (1 or 2 Bonding Heads)
Pressure Control of Bond HeadTorque control method, ranging from 30 ~ 500g (accuracy ±10g)
Glue Dispensing (Optional)Pressure valve + syringe, or Piezoelectric Jet System
Conveyor ThroughLeft to Right
Conveyor SystemMultiple segments with independent driver
Board / Carrier SizeMax. 600 x 300mm with Tray Platform installed
Max. 600 x 200mm with 8" Wafer Platform installed
Transmission ControlHigh precision linear motor + non-touch linear encoder + linear rail
Component (DIE) Size0.2 x 0.2 ~ 5 x 5mm (special camera with bigger FOV is optional)
Types of Placement ObjectsChips/DBC/Wafer/Solder-plate/Odd-form Shell and Odd-form components
Positioning CameraHigh Resolution Digital Camera
Object Positioning MethodPattern Matching / Pattern + Edge Matching (with BadMark identification)
Operating SystemWindows 10
Power Supply Requirement220VAC ± 10%, 50~60Hx, 3.5kW
Dimensions1783mm (L) x 1384mm (W) x 1620mm (H)
WeightApprox. 1300kg

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