A Manncorp Success Story: Throughput Rate Boosted for Carolina Electronic Solutions

Our team at Manncorp recently helped the North Carolina contract manufacturer Carolina Electronic Solutions improve their ability to provide their customers with high-quality solutions. By choosing to integrate the MC400 Automatic Pick & Place machine into their equipment line-up, company owner, Luke Cranford, says they’ve been able to see “an improvement in quality and speed.”

About Carolina Electronic Solutions

Carolina Electronic Solutions offers engineering, electrical, and mechanical services, PCB layout designs, as well as electronic/electromechanical designing and manufacturing. Carolina Electronic Solutions partners with companies like 626 Technologies and MOTIV Motorsport to create products that are designed and manufactured in the USA.

CES (Carolina Electronic Solutions) has always had their production in-house, according to Luke Cranford. They started with low volume production at a prototype level, and then by “early in 2020” CES “began ramping up [their] capabilities.” Now, choosing to upgrade to the MC400 from Manncorp has “improved throughput and allowed [them] to focus on process improvements and capacity expansion.”

The MC400, ready to run a MOTIV Motorsport board.

Deciding to Upgrade

CES’s role as a contract manufacturer involves “cultivating a partnership” with customers that “enables them to bring their concept to market.” To perform this service, CES utilizes “multiple types of SMT equipment for different applications.” Before switching to Manncorp, the CES team was running a Juki/Zevatec 575s. Because this machinery was getting “older and lacked some capabilities” they needed, CES decided to purchase an upgraded pick and place machine.

“The decision to upgrade,” says Luke, “was based on our need to expand capacity.”

Choosing Manncorp

The reasons CES picked Manncorp as their SMT equipment supplier, said Luke, was “based on a few reasons: Cost, capability, support, and lead time.”

Why Choose Manncorp

Finding the Right Machine

The pick and place purchase decision was based on how “the MC400 aligned with [CES’s] budget and contained all the capabilities [they] needed for improving processes.” One reason the MC400 is a great option for them is its flexibility for quick job changes. Since owning the MC400, Carolina Electronic Solutions has greatly benefited. Luke says, “From the standpoint of our services, it allows us to turn product at a higher rate for our customers and maintain quality.”

“So far, our experience with the equipment has been very positive. The whole team at CES is excited to have it on the floor.”

The Equipment Install Process

During the installation of the machine, Luke reported that our technician, Andy, “provided great in-depth and detailed training.” Andy also discussed “multiple scenarios for [CES] to consider.” The CES team found him to be “very knowledgeable of the equipment” and appreciated the customer education opportunities. In fewer words, says Luke, “Andy is great!” Regarding the whole Manncorp team, Luke says their company has found our team to be very responsive—and “if they do not have the answer, they quickly loop in the appropriate parties.” 

Since the Install

“Having the Manncorp equipment has allowed us to evolve into providing additional services to our customers,” says Luke, “by shifting duties and freeing up personnel for other activities.” Overall, Luke says that CES’s experience with “the Manncorp equipment and services has been great.”

The MC400 installed at Carolina Electronic Solutions in Sanford, NC.
The MC400 installed at Carolina Electronic Solutions in Sanford, NC.

Moving Forward

Looking forward, Luke says that in the future CES plans “to expand capabilities.” They would like to “add more in-line equipment” – including more pick and place, material handling, and inspection machines. As a growing domestic partner for electronics and electro-mechanical manufacturing, they currently offer a wide range of production levels, from proof-of-concept to high-volume. Moving forward, they hope to continuously improve the breadth, width, and quality of production that they can complete.

Upgrading Your Own Equipment

Interested in upgrading your pick and place machine to an MC400, like Carolina Electronic Solutions? Or would you like advice on what the best equipment would be for your company’s needs? Reach out to our team of experts who can guide you through the process. By choosing Manncorp as your equipment supplier, we hope that you can be our next customer success story.

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