SV350L Automatic IGBT Power Module Assembly

SV350L Automatic IGBT Power Module Assembly

SV350L Automatic IGBT Power Module Assembly

Designed with precision and efficiency in mind, the SV350L utilizes linear motors to deliver unparalleled speed and accuracy. This cutting-edge machine is your answer to seamless IGBT assembly - picking from wafers, trays, or feeders (including solder perform tape) with remarkable precision - achieving accuracy levels of up to +/- 10μm at impressive speeds of 2600μph.

Tailored to meet the demands of IGBT manufacturing, the SV350L is available with an auto wafer change system boasting a 25-capacity, 8-carrier auto tray changer, dispensing capabilities, and a 3-pin set auto eject-pin changer. These customizable features ensure versatility and adaptability to suit your specific manufacturing requirements.

Fully customizable to fit your manufacturing needs, the SV350L is an impressive fully automatic power module assembly machine built for the increasing and changing demands of the ever-evolving IGBT market.

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Customizable to Your Production Needs

Multiple options including various feeding tray sizes, auto-nozzle changer with 16 nozzle storage, auto eject-pin changer with optional heating system, dispensing system for glue/solder paste, alcohol spraying system for preform solder paste, QR-code scanning system for material identification, are just some of the options available. Whatever you need for production, we can build it. Just send us your specs.

Linear Motors

The main XY driving axis with high resolution linear motors and encoders provides for a fully closed-loop high speed, high precision solution with 0.001mm resolution and up to +/- 10μm placement accuracy. With 6 heads, production speeds to 2600μph.

Multiple Feeding and Placement Forms using HD Cameras

The optional Tape/Wafer/Tray feeding modules to help equipment compatibility with different types of components and meet the various placement requirements of Dies/Chips/Solder-plate/DBC. Dies sizes from 1 x 1mm to 20 x 20mm and up to 5mm thick.

Wafer and Tray Auto-Changers

Wafer auto-changer cassette can hold (25) 6"/8"/12" wafers. Wafer adaptors available for easy set-up. Tray auto-changers have (8) slots - each slot can fit (2) 120 x 120mm waffle tray. SMT tape feeders have standard slots but can also handle FD-20/30 type solder preform.

Dispensing Head

Optional high precision dispensing heads available. Pressure valve and syringe and Piezoelectric jet systems available.

SV350L Automatic IGBT Power Module Assembly
XY Placement Accuracy± 10μm (±0.3°)
XY Resolution0.001mm/step
Placement Heads4 Heads / 6 Heads (pitch = 25mm)
Placement Capacity (μph)Max. 2,200 / Max. 2,600
Dispensing System (Optional)

High precision dispensing system + Musashi MC-5000XII controller

or High precision dispensing system + BCB KD-65 controller

Conveyor SystemMultiple Segment with Independent Driver
Size of CarrierMax. 460mm x 350mm x 20mm (Thickness = Carrier + Object)
Conveyor ThroughLeft to Right
Feeding FormsWafer Flange, Tray Form, & Tape Feeder is available
(1) Auto-Wafer Changer

Selectable 12" / 8" / 6" Wafer Die Flange auto-loading (12" is optional)

for dies pickup area max. 200 x 200mm on flange

8" to 6" / 12" to 6" Wafer Flange Adapter is available (optional)

Flange Cassette capacity is max. 25 pcs and support max. 25 types of wafer flange auto-loading and placement

Wafer Die map-data is available to system programming

(2) Auto-Tray Changer

Each Tray Cassette with 8 slots for tray carriers

Size capacity up to 250mm x 120mm in each tray carrier, or two pieces of 120mm x 120mm waffle tray place on, and enough carrier clearance for max. 10 mm height of component placing

Support max. 8 types of (tray) components for auto-loading and placement

(3) Tape Feeder Platform

Max. 12 slots of 8mm Std. SMT tape feeder on the feeder platform, compatible with 8mm/12mm/16mm/24mm Std. SMT tape feeder

FD-20 / FD-30 type Solder-preform Tape Feeder is optional

The corresponding specifications for solder-preform size is:

(FD-20) W 2mm~20mm, L 0mm~20mm / (FD-30) W 2mm~30mm, L 0mm~20mm

Size of Component (Die)1mm x 1mm ~ 20mm x 20mm, Thickness: 0.06mm~5mm
Nozzle Changing MethodAuto-Nozzle-Changer for 16 Nozzles
Jacking-Pin module3 models selectable for chip size: 0.25~6 / 5~16 / 16~25
Eject-pin Set Changing MethodBy Manual (Auto Eject-pin Changer is optional)
Alcohol SprayingOptional alcohol spraying system with max. 3 nozzles at parallel
Transmission control of X/YHigh precision linear motor driving system
Qty of CameraCCD Camera x 2 sets
FOV of bottom camera20.7mm x 16.5mm (BT-CAM)
FOV of Fid-CAM

20.7mm x 16.5mm

(configuration of Fid-CAM & light source depends on the flange material)

Camera moving at Z-axisFid-CAM adopted auto-focus function with Z-axis movement
Camera CalibrationSystem with camera centering auto-calibration function
Fiducial RecognitionsAuto-positioning of holder, carrier-frame and fiducial
Sequencing at Material PnPMatrix Form (four orientations selectable)
PCB Layout ConversionCAD Conversion
Operation SystemWindows 10
Pressure Air Requirement80 psi (5.5 bar) @ 150 L/min
Power Supply Requirement220VAC ±10%, 50~60Hz, 3.8kW
Dimensions (L x W x H)1400mm x 2000mm x 1800mm (main unit without FFU)
Net WeightApprox. 2100 kg

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