Advanced Starter PCB Assembly Line

SMT PCB Assembly Line: Advanced Starter Package from Manncorp
Advanced Starter PCB Assembly Line
Advanced Starter Assembly Line - MC400 Pick & Place Machine
Advanced Starter Assembly Line - MC301 Bencthop Reflow Oven
Advanced Starter Assembly Line - MC301 Bencthop Reflow Oven

Advanced Starter PCB Assembly Line

Placement Speed: Approx. 3,000 CPH

Placement Accuracy: ±0.05 mm (0.002")

Max. PCB Size: 250 x 200 mm (9.8" x 7.9")

Feeder Capacity: 64 Tape Holder

This SMT Assembly Line Includes:

  • MC400 Single-Head Pick and Place System
  • DP4 Head-Mounted Dispenser installed (.5 mm dot size) in pick & place machine to eliminate stencils
  • MC301 Benchtop Convection Reflow System
  • 2-Year Warranty

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Chris Ellis  215-869-8374 | East Coast
Ed Stone 215-808-6266 | West Coast

Flexible pick & place machine w/ 64-feeder capacity

  • 3,000 pph placement rate
  • Includes built-in DP4 Dispense with .5 mm dot size to eliminate stencils (.3 mm dot size optional)
  • 64-feeder capacity, plus room for cut tape strip holders
  • Full vision alignment
  • Linear encoders and heavy-duty build for accuracy & repeatability

The MC400 Pick and Place machine places an enormous range of components, quickly and accurately, from 0201s through 100 x 150 mm SMDs, including BGAs, MBGAs, CSPs, µBGAs, MLFs, flip chips, odd form components and ultra-fine-pitch parts down to 15 mil. The system is easy to program and operate and comes standard with universal CAD conversion and teach-in capability.

Learn more about the MC400 pick & place machine.

MC301 Profilable Batch Reflow Oven w/ Android OS

  • Exclusive Android control app, ultra-high-resolution touch screen, & WiFi
  • Simulate profiles of inline ovens with preheat, soak, reflow, and cooling
  • Dual control modes - via heater thermocouples or built-in, on-board thermocouple

By simulating the conditions of an inline reflow system in a benchtop unit, the MC301 is ideal for product development, prototyping, and manufacturability testing. Detailed solder profiles are easily programmed, stored, and downloaded through the MC301's exclusive hardware control app and Android operating system.

Learn more about the MC301 profitable batch reflow oven.

Advanced Starter Line Starter Feeder Package - $4,495

  • 3 - TS-CST8-10 – 10 Lane 8mm Cut Strip Holders
  • 1 - TS-CST12-7 – 7 Lane 12mm Cut Strip Holder
  • 1 - TS-CST16-6 – 6 Lane 16mm Cut Strip Holder
  • 1 - TS-CST24-4 – 4 Lane 24mm Cut Strip Holder
  • 1 - Waffle Tray Holder

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