Mid-Volume Pick and Place

Benchmarking Pick and Place Equipment Against Your Needs

Mid-Volume Pick and Place Equipment

Annual Board Requirement 22,000
Unique Components per board 50
Placements per board 325
Board length 8''
Board width 10''
Minimum size component 0402
Maximum size component 28 mm x 28 mm
Fine pitch requirement 0.015'' Lead Pitch QFP 256

Here is the chart comparing the assembler's requirements against a specific pick and place machine:


PCB Requirement Equipment Data
Feeder Slots PCB Example 02 Model MC385V2V Dual-Head Pick And Place
Feeder Slots Required 54 (45-8 mm, 1 stick feeder) 128-8 mm slots
Tube/Stick Parts 5 lanes 10-lane feeder requires
9 slots
Matric Tray Parts 1
Component Handling
Smallest Part 0402 01005 (with nozzle)
Largest Part 28 mm x 28 mm 150 mm x 100 mm
Smallest Lead Pitch 0.015'' 0.012''
Board Handling
Board Size Maximum 13.8'' x 17.1'' without tray holder
12.6'' x 8.6'' with tray holder
Board Size Minimum 8'' x 10'' 2'' x 2''
Placement Speed Required
Board CPH Requirement 4225 cph 4400 cph (IPC-9850 spec
of 5500de-rated 20%)

Three companies who brought their electronics assembly in-house with Manncorp pick and place machines.
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