These Pick & Place Machines Are Helping U.S. Manufacturers Be More Competitive

Designed to help U.S. electronics manufacturers reduce their cost per placement and increase turnover speeds, the new MC889 and MC388HS machines are the evolution of decades of improvements in MC Series pick and place technology. Both machines are designed for high accuracy at high placement rates, ensuring fast throughput without compromising on quality. We are proud to be able to offer both the MC889 and the MC388HS at significantly lower pricing than other machines with similar specs on the market. Plus, our equipment is backed by some of the most experienced support techs in the business, so you can feel confident in your investment.

Revolutionize electronics manufacturing with our new 8-head machines and stay ahead of your competition.

High-Speed MC889 Pick & Place

  • Great for fast, accurate SMT assembly
  • Fast batch pick & place machine with optional 3-stage SMEMA conveyor for inline use
  • 96 smart feeder ports gives you fast changeovers
  • Great for large boards and panels, or use the large placement area for smaller boards and up to 3 waffle trays
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High Speed MC388HS Pick & Place

  • Great for fast, accurate SMT or LED assembly
  • 3-stage SMEMA conveyor integrates with your automated assembly line with options for up to 1.5 meter conveyors
  • Holds up to 192 smart feeders for high-mix jobs and fast changeovers
  • Great for LED boards, backplanes, and other long panels, or use waffle trays in the placement area
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Both Pick & Place Machines

  • Keep Boards Moving
    With placement rates to 22,000 CPH
  • Handle Complex Jobs
    With components ranging from 01005 and µBGAs to 100 x 150 mm SMDs and 30 µm, 3 Sigma placement accuracy
  • Minimize Programming Time
    With robust, flexible Windows®-based software that accommodates CAD import and conversion, teaching, and direct data entry
  • Minimize Costly Downtime
    With remote diagnostics that allow Manncorp techs to quickly troubleshoot & fix the majority of issues without a site visit

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The Manncorp Difference

Working with us, you'll experience first-hand our adherence to the very same principles adopted nearly 50 years ago: Providing the equipment that best serves the needs of its user, pricing it right, delivering it on time, and backing it with after-sale service. It is no surprise we have been a leading provider of electronics equipment since 1967.

Pick & Place Machines for Prototyping to Low- to Mid-Volume Manufacturing

MC400 Automatic Pick & Place
  • PCBs to 415 x 320 mm
  • 3,000 CPH
  • Single Head
MC385V1V SMT Pick & Place
  • PCBs to 435 x 350 mm
  • 5,000 CPH
  • Up to 128 Smart Feeder Ports
MC392 High Mix Pick & Place
  • 6,400 CPH, Dual Head
  • 600 x 350 mm PCB Capacity
  • Up to 160 Smart Feeder Ports
MC389 High Speed High Mix Pick & Place
  • 10,500 CPH, Three Head
  • 650 x 460 mm PCB Capacity
  • Up to 160 Smart Feeder Ports
MC388 SMT Pick & Place for High Mix High Component Count or LEDs
  • 10,500 CPH, Four Head
  • 1250 x 350 mm PCB Capacity
  • Up to 256 Smart Feeder Ports