Robert Keeley Takes Control of Pedal PCBA

Perfect Tones Through Precision PCB Assembly

Since 2001, Robert Keeley Electronics has provided pedals for artists looking for an incredible range of tones and effects. From Guitarists as varied as John Mayer, Larry LaLonde of Primus, Nancy Wilson of Heart, Jon Herington of Steely Dan, Dweezil Zappa, and Justin Shekoski of The Used have all made use of Keeley’s industry-leading products to find the perfect sound.

From the very beginning, it’s been the goal of Keeley Electronics to provide artists with the options they need to realize the compositions of their dreams. Working with an amazing array of people over the years, Keeley’s unbeatable array of distortion, overdrive, boost, compression, and effects pedals have been the answer to countless artists searching for the final touch that truly defines their unique, one-of-a-kind tone.

Recently, Robert Keeley was looking to take his pedal production to the next level. Realizing that the circuit boards in his products were the heart of the pedals, he looked to take fuller control over the production process and bring his printed circuit board assembly in-house. Moving from sourcing his boards from another company to producing them entirely on his own has allowed Keeley to cut down on production lead times and speed up the prototyping process. With these capabilities, Keeley has the flexibility to offer even more pedal options to artists striving to define their signature sound.

In-House SMT Assembly Conversion in Just 3 Months

Keeley reached out to us at Manncorp to realize this ambition and we were proud to partner with them to ensure that their proposed automated assembly line would meet all of their production requirements. With 27 bills of materials submitted and refined over the course of just two weeks, we were able to provide them with a list of machinery that would streamline their operation and cut down on their reliance on outside vendors. After purchasing an automated line consisting of a stencil printer, pick and place, inline oven, and selective soldering machine, Robert Keeley Electronics is beginning to produce their own boards just 3 months after first contact with us.

If you’re interested in finding out how the in-house SMT assembly conversion process can help you streamline your production, cut down on lead times, and take complete control of the quality of your circuit board output, send us your bill of materials for a consultation today. When it comes to our installation and training services, Robert Keeley had this to say about our technician Andy: “Not only is he great at teaching people and explaining things, he is a wonderful person and cares about his work deeply. You couldn't ask for a better person in the field. What a great face for Manncorp.”