How One Company Increased Production Capacity by 40%—And You Can, Too!

If you’ve ever been on a boat with an air conditioner on it, you’ve been cooled by a Micro-Air product,” says Kevin Carlin, Head Marketing Manager at Micro-Air, Inc. For more than 38 years, Micro-Air has made award-winning air conditioner thermostats and the circuit boards that go inside AC units for all boat and AC manufacturers in the United States. For the past 8 years, they have been using Manncorp equipment to produce them.

Micro-Air AC Thermostat
Micro-Air EasyStart

Micro-Air’s EasyStart product allows AC units to start using power sources as low as 15 amps. This means being able to run air conditioning units with just a small generator. Kevin points out that having an AC unit that can start and run in an emergency situation is “essential for people with breathing, heart, and other health problems” as well as for people who “don’t want to stay with their annoying son-in-law while the recovery effort from an ice storm or hurricane continues.”

Since 2013, the Manncorp team has been supplying equipment, providing trainings, and helping with machine set-up at Micro-Air’s facility that manufactures these air quality products. Since our last blog post featuring Micro-Air, our team has provided them with an equipment upgrade and we have checked in with their progress.

What is it Like to Have Production In-House as a Small Company?

“When your company relies on outsiders, completion time and quality are in the hands of others. With in-house production, we maintain control and that is a value-add for the customer,” says Kevin Carlin. In regard to adding Manncorp equipment to the Micro-Air line-up, Kevin says, “Our overall experience has been awesome. We wish all of our suppliers were as reliable as Manncorp.” In addition to these great perks Kevin highlighted about having an in-house SMT line, customers who switch from outsourcing assembly also see an average of 40% lower inventory cost with in-house production.

How Has the Equipment Impacted Production?

“Since adding Manncorp’s SMT equipment” Kevin says, “our production capacity is up about 40% after installation – and our demand has risen during that time period.” In summary, he says the equipment upgrade “could not have arrived at a better time.”

SMT Equipment Line at the Micro-Air Manufacturing Facility

Why Choose Manncorp Equipment to Update your Production Line?

Kevin at Micro-Air explains that their company was looking to “purchase a replacement of a former SMT circuit board printer.” During the planning stage, they considered other lines. In the end, says Kevin, “We chose Manncorp because it offered the ‘best bang for the buck’ and for its high-quality manufacturing, installation help, maintenance, and customer support.”

How Was the Experience of Purchasing and Installing the Equipment?

“Since our purchase, Manncorp lived up to all of our expectations,” says Kevin. “Andy was a great trainer and installer. He helped make our experience seamless.” Moving forward, Kevin tells us that Micro-Air expects to “add a second production line” after they are able to expand their physical footprint. When the time comes, Kevin says, “Manncorp will be the first company who hears from us.”

Increasing Production Capacity

If you would like to increase the production capacity of your in-house production line like Micro-Air did, reach out to our team of SMT experts. They will evaluate you space requirements, output needs, current equipment, and more to get a complete understanding of your application. Then, free of cost to you, we provide a BOM analysis. Once the perfect equipment is determined, our team will then ensure that the shipping, delivery, install, and training are all done seamlessly. If you want to learn more about the process of moving to in-house production, check out our Complete Guide to Purchasing SMT Equipment.

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