Enhancing Production Efficiency and Meeting Growing Demand: Perimeter Technologies’ Partnership with Manncorp

Perimeter Technologies, based in Reading, PA, is a leader in pet containment, safety, and training. Their Pet Stop system consists of a transmitter and receiver. The transmitter, like the OT-300, sends a signal through a buried wire, and the output can be adjusted to customize the distance at which a pet can approach the wire. The collar-mounted receiver detects the signal and can emit a warning tone or generate a correction signal based on the settings.

One of their innovative products is called the EcoLite PlusTM with LinkTM, a Bluetooth-enabled receiver that allows configuration, training, and status information to be managed through a phone app. It provides details such as battery life and offers a comprehensive correction history, which helps pet owners understand their pet’s behavior patterns and the effectiveness of training measures. The collar also includes a built-in night light for safety and visibility in low-light conditions. Perimeter Technologies’ dedication to pet safety and training has revolutionized the way pet owners interact with their pets, strengthening the bond between them.

EcoLite PlusTM with LinkTM

Recognizing the need to upgrade their production equipment due to increased demand, Perimeter Technologies faced issues with their outdated Quad System machines. These machines were becoming unreliable, causing production downtime. Unfortunately, newer Quad equipment was not available since the company went out of business in 2001. In early March, Perimeter Technologies made a significant change by replacing four machines with the all-new Manncorp MC889 High Speed Pick & Place machine.

The MC889 proved to be a game changer for Perimeter Technologies, as it offered a 5x improvement in throughput compared to the Quad machines. With an impressive placement rate of over 20,000 parts per hour, the MC889 significantly enhanced Perimeter’s production capabilities. It can hold 96 feeders, providing versatility and flexibility in component placement, accommodating a wide range of components with exceptional precision, from small 01005 sizes to larger 100x150mm components. This increased speed and efficiency enabled Perimeter Technologies to meet the high demand for their Pet Stop systems without compromising quality.

6-Head MC889 High Speed Pick & Place

Additionally, upgrading to the MC889 allowed Perimeter Technologies to manufacture the complex circuit boards needed for their advanced Bluetooth collars in-house, streamlining their operations. The success of the MC889 led Perimeter Technologies to purchase an MC385V1V and MC385V2V, which run alongside it, and they are currently migrating other transmitter models to the MC889. This expansion enables Perimeter to meet the growing demand for their Pet Stop systems while upholding the highest quality standards.

Despite not being SMT (Surface Mount Technology) experts, Perimeter Technologies recognized the value of reliable SMT equipment as a crucial tool in their production process. They praised Manncorp for their exceptional service and ongoing support. Blaine Bacher, the President of Perimeter Technologies, specifically commended technician Andy Scheer from Manncorp for his commitment and expertise, which played a vital role in their successful partnership.

Perimeter Technologies acknowledged the exceptional value and reliability provided by Manncorp, leading to a strong partnership between the two companies. With 50 years of experience, Manncorp offers the latest manufacturing equipment. By integrating Manncorp machines, Perimeter Technologies not only increased their production capacity but also improved their ability to deliver superior products to pet owners worldwide.

For businesses seeking to upgrade their production capacity, Manncorp offers a liberal trade-in policy for old equipment and provides financing options for qualified companies.