Benchtop Reflow Oven Provides Perfect Yields of BGA Circuit Boards

Tj Bordelon, owner of FreeSpace LLC, recently purchased a MC-301 Benchtop Batch Reflow Oven from Manncorp Inc. and he could not be any happier with his purchase.

For some time, FreeSpace used cheaper oven alternatives and the ovens did not work without many issues. “In the past we've done OK with the cheaper variety of batch reflow ovens you'd find on eBay. We started with the smaller T-962 and eventually moved up to the T-962A. These ovens worked, but not without issues. Rework wasn't uncommon as we had issues with tombstoning, solder bridges and incomplete soldering on larger connectors,” Tj explained.

Finally, after a long search for a better product, FreeSpace purchased the MC-301 from Manncorp. “Using our old machine, we were seeing 2 boards of 10 actually reflow properly. Now we have 10/10 working perfect with all lines on the 256 pin BGA connected. This has never happened before. We have almost always had to rework many boards,” Tj said.