Sensaphone & Manncorp: A 12-Year Partnership, Still Growing

Over a Decade of Partnership Between Sensaphone & Manncorp

In 2010, the Aston, PA headquarters of the environmental data tracking company, Sensaphone, decided to purchase an SMT production line. Their original line contained an MC387 Pick & Place, an MC1400 Stencil Printer, and a CR5000 Reflow Oven.

The MC387 at Sensaphone headquarters, with all 4 sides being utilized for feeders.

After more than 10 years, Sensaphone still stands by the Manncorp products they have purchased. “The machines have held up well,” says Dave DeFusco, VP of Engineering at Sensaphone. When asked about what they do to extend the life of their equipment, Dave says, “We do regular maintenance to ensure that wear is minimized, and we also keep spare parts on-hand in case something requires replacement.”

The Sensaphone team received training from our technician, Andy, and appreciated how “very thorough and patient” he has been. “There have been many times where he has stayed well into the evening to make sure that our machines are working properly and that we are fully trained in their operation,” says Dave. Now, the Sensaphone team themselves have “become very good at keeping the machines running.” Dave says they can even perform most of the service work themselves.

Manncorp tech, Andy reviewing equipment information with Sensaphone Project Engineer, Tom.

As a result of their diligent care, training, and the quality of the equipment chosen, Dave tells us, “All of the machines we purchased in 2010 are still in-use today.”

The New Equipment Sensaphone is Running

Sensaphone has continued to choose Manncorp equipment since their initial purchase. They now own multiple pick and place machines, stencil printers, and reflow ovens, and they have become “very familiar with how these machines operate.” Dave says that “sticking with Manncorp” helps reduce the “learning curve” for their operators.

The newly added MC388 on the floor at the Sensaphone facility

One of the recent upgrades Sensaphone made was to an MC388 Pick & Place machine.

When asked about this purchase decision, Dave tells us they went with the 388 because “the MC388 is the biggest machine available” and their “PCB assemblies tend to have a lot of parts.”

A reason Sensaphone continues to choose Manncorp as their equipment supplier is our interchangeable feeder setups. “Using all Manncorp machines means that all of our pick & place feeders can be used on all of our machines—which is important since we have over 250 feeders.”

Pro Tip: Repairing vs. Buying New? Do Your Research.

It is great to get a long and useful life out of your machine, but it is also important to understand when more is going in then you can get back out.

For instance, before switching to Manncorp, Sensaphone had purchased a wave soldering machine. This machine has a cracked solder pot and to have it repaired by their previous supplier would have been very expensive.

In addition, Dave tells us that “any service work required on the old machine required someone from California to fly-in (at our expense).”

The Sensaphone team decided to compare these costs to the cost of purchasing a new machine. While looking at new wave solder machines, says Dave, “the 16.350 stood out as a better value.”

In this case, Sensaphone replaced their damaged wave soldering machine with the 16.350 Ultra Compact Wave Solder. Purchasing new made more sense than paying the repair costs. This isn’t always the case, but it is important to research all the options.

The 16.350 Ultra-Compact Wave Solder Machine at Sensaphone Headquarters.

What Sensaphone is Producing on Their Manncorp Equipment

Using the same SMT equipment since 2010 – plus a few new additions – Sensaphone makes all of their products in their Aston, PA facility. “We are proud of the fact that…not only the manufacturing, which Manncorp plays a big part in,” says Dave, “but everything from product development, design, manufacturing and shipping are all done from here.”

The Sentinal Pro remote monitoring solution by Sensaphone.

The star of their product lines is the Sentinel series. When asked about this product type, Dave tells us, “These products fit into our customers modern lives, are easy to install and maintain, provide peace of mind that everything is always okay and have been designed to last.”

The Sentinel series by Sensaphone tracks “critical equipment and environmental data such as temperature, humidity and power failures.” They are ideal for a variety of industries, including: Medical, Water & Wastewater, Data Collection, Agriculture, and more.

Ready to Get Your Own Long-Lasting Equipment?

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