Customer Spotlight: Antonio Ricaurte of AR Technologies

Antonio Ricaurte of AR Technologies

In September of 2013, Antonio Ricaurte (owner and founder of AR Technologies) came from Ecuador to our Pennsylvania office to find out more about Manncorp equipment. During that trip, he ended up purchasing an entire SMT line. Since then, Ricaurte has kept in touch with our team. He is still running the same machines with no problems, and he even recently paid us a visit.

The Machine Line-Up

Back in 2013, after discussing the goals for his company, Ricaurte and our team decided the following machines would work best for AR Technologies:

MC1400 Stencil Printer
MC392 Pick and Place
CR4000C Reflow Oven

AR Technologies: A Pioneer in Ecuador

Prior to running Manncorp machines, AR Technologies did not have their production in-house. The area of Ecuador where Antonio Ricaurte lives (Guayas, Ecuador) is very remote. There is no direct support locally for electronics manufacturers. However, in the spring of 2014, Ricaurte launched in-house production of [his products], running Manncorp equipment. Seven years later, in 2021, AR Technologies is still using the same equipment without issue.

The Equipment Install

Bringing SMT production in-house for AR Technologies was possible in this secluded area because of:

  1. In-Person Tech Visits
  2. Remote Services

To help get production off the ground, Manncorp technician, Andy, went in-person to Ecuador. Andy provided training and guidance to their team during the early stages. The install and help offered was so well received, Antonio Ricaurte happily took Andy out to dinner and showed him around the local area.

Manncorp Tech Andy, Antonio Ricaurte, and the AR Technologies Team shown with the MC392.

Through a mixture of visiting Ricaurte’s company in-person and providing remote support as needed, AR Technologies has been able to reap the benefits of in-house production.

The Manncorp Difference

We have Manncorp customers around the world and we are proud to spotlight Antonio Ricaurte of AR Technologies. Our technician, Andy, had a great experience helping them in Guayas, Ecuador. And, just recently, Antonio Ricaurte and his family had a great time site-seeing in Philadelphia with Andy!

Rather than just providing equipment, like some suppliers, we at Manncorp pride ourselves on building lasting relationships with our customers. Our team members are happy to get to know your staff, learn about the area where your company is located, and welcome customers that visit our locations on the West and East coasts of the USA. At Manncorp, we care – we care about your success with in-house production and the individuals that make up each company. This is a large part of the Manncorp Difference.

Reach Out to Our Team

If you are interested in bringing production in-house at your business, or if you are looking to upgrade current machines, our team is ready to support you along the way. To find out the best equipment for your needs, get a BOM review, and schedule training and install services, contact us today.

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