MC110LED Manual LED Stencil Printer

Manual Stencil Printer for LED Boards - MC110LED from Manncorp
MC110LED Manual LED Stencil Printer Shown with 4ft Long Frame & Stencil
MC110LED Manual LED Stencil Printer Shown with 2ft Wide Frame and Stencil

MC110LED Manual LED Stencil Printer

Run single or double-sided boards, up to a 49.2” X 16.2” (1250 X 410 mm) size, with high-quality results; get fine pitch of 0.3 mm (12 mil) on your LED or prototype boards. You will enjoy quickly getting your assembly started, thanks to the easy setup process. The MC110LED stencil printer ensures stability and repeatability, being built with a tough base and including a 250 mm stainless-steel squeegee, it will last board after board.

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Heavy-Duty Design and Construction

Weighing in at nearly 90 kg (200 lbs.), the MC110LED is constructed on a heavy, die-cast base, giving it a durability not often found in manual stencil printing equipment. Meanwhile, the counter-balanced clamshell assembly allows easy lifting of even the largest stencil frames, giving it an all-around well thought out design.

High Precision & Self-Locking Adjustments

The MC110LED is one of the few manual stencil printers available with the precision necessary for 0.3 mm (12 mil) fine-pitch printing. Tool-free, self-locking X, Y, Z, and Theta adjustments provide quick, easy setups, resulting in ultra-fine registration repeatability. Plus, the unique Z-height adjustment also permits using frames of various thicknesses.

Large Work Area

The MC110LED accepts single- and double-sided boards up to 1250 mm x 410 mm (49.2" x 16.2"). A complete set of fully adjustable, universal mounting hardware is included to accommodate a variety of tooling-hole, pin-registration, or edge-mounting schemes. Adjustable magnetic support pins maintain planarity of double-sided or oversized PCBs, and a large work area provides flexibility for custom fixturing.

Clamp or Screw-Mount Existing Stencil Frames

Stencil frames from 300 mm x 300 mm (11.8" x 11.8") to 1300 mm x 450 mm (51.2" x 17.8") can be clamped or screw-mounted to the MC110LED’s universal frame-mounting channel brackets, allowing existing frames to be utilized.

Convenient Squeegee Holder for Clean PCB Loading/Unloading

It may seem obvious, but many manual stencil printers don’t have this feature. Where do you put that pasty squeegee so that you can remove your printed PCB? The MC110 features a handy squeegee bracket mounted to the rear frame clamp that holds the squeegee while you load and unload the printer.

MC110LED Specifications
Stencil Frame Size 300 mm x 300 mm to 1300 mm x 450 mm
(11.8" x 11.8" to 51.2" x 17.8")
Work Area / Maximum PCB Size 1250 mm x 410 mm (49.2" x 16.2")
X and Y Axes Range ±13 mm (± 0.5")
Theta Axis Range ± 3.5°
Z-Axis Range 0-35 mm (0-1.4")
Power Requirements 220VAC 50-60 Hz
Dimensions 900 mm L x 1050 mm W x 300 mm H
(35.5" L x 41.3" W x 11.8" H)
Net Weight Approx. 90 kg (200 lbs.)
Shipping Weight Approx. 144 kg (318 lbs.)

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