Manncorp East Unveils a Brand New Demo Center

Manncorp is proud to unveil a brand new demonstration center. If you’re looking to bring your SMT production in-house, there’s no better time to come and see the equipment. Our Sales Manager Chris Ellis will personally go over your BOMs and product specifications to determine the exact match of equipment for you at no charge. At that point, we would even welcome you in to run your product on the Manncorp demo line. You will get to see set up, programming, product runs, and— if you are new to SMT— the whole process live.

View an Array of Machines in Action

Multiple stencil printers from the precision manual MC110 to the MC1200 batch automatic printer. You can also see the fully automatic AP430 inline printer with 2D inspection capabilities and wet/dry/vacuum stencil wipe.
Various pick and place machines, including our MC388 with up to 256 feeder ports and placement speed of over 10,000 CPH. The MC388 has the capability to place anything from an 01005 to a 100x150mm component.
Our RW1500 rework with a split-vision system to align components for auto-placement or removal. It can handle parts down to 01005 to ultra-fine pitch or BGA.
Our NEO-L selective soldering system rounds out the demo room. The selective solder is a great way to eliminate hand soldering, and you can expect a payback on your initial investment in as few as 9 months.
Our Benchtop MC301 for boards up to 8x9” with power with adjust, 5 top and bottom convection zones, and even a flux management system that can cut down on your maintenance requirements.