ULTIMA NEO-L All-in-One Selective Soldering System

ULTIMA NEO-L All-In-One Selective Soldering System from Manncorp

ULTIMA NEO-L All-in-One Selective Soldering System

The ULTIMA NEO-L combines high-precision selective flux application with fully programmable point-to-point or continuous-linear soldering to solder through-hole components and connectors to SMT boards with complete accuracy and reliability.

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Large Board Holder and Precision X-Y-Z Drive Mechanism

The ULTIMA NEO-L features an extra-large PCB holder and spacious work envelope for fluxing and soldering boards up to 18" x 15" (460 mm x 380 mm) in a single pass. The ultra-fine resolution X-Y-Z axis drive mechanism boasts a positional accuracy of ±0.004" (±0.1 mm) and can travel at programmable speeds as slow as 0.004"/sec (while soldering) to as fast as 15.75"/sec (between points).

Highly Responsive Solder Pump for Precise Control of Miniature Wave

This close-up shows the precision and uniformity of the wave shape as the molten solder flows out of the top of the nozzle in the ULTIMA NEO-L selective soldering machine. The ULTIMA NEO-L's highly responsive solder pump allows precise and virtually instantaneous control of miniature wave height and solder volume by varying the pump speed (rpm) and acceleration/deceleration (rpm/s). To prevent oxidation, an exclusive nitrogen micro-heater, controllable to 400°C, is located within the hood surrounding the wave nozzle. Close proximity of the heater to the nozzle ensures a stable wave temperature as nitrogen flows through the hood and shrouds the molten solder joint.

Solder Connectors with Parallel Rows of Pins in a Single Pass

For higher throughput, tandem rows of multiple leads can be soldered in a single pass, provided that the use of a nozzle with a sufficiently large I.D. or width is used. Custom rectangular-shaped wave nozzles are also available upon special request. For assistance in selecting the proper nozzle size and shape, please submit a PCB sample to your Manncorp sales or customer service representative.

Wide Variety of Quick-Change Nozzles Available

A wide range of round-shaped nozzles are available with inside diameters across 2.5 mm (0.1") to 20 mm (0.79"). The highly-polished stainless steel surface allows smooth laminar flow of the wave over the nozzle surface for highly-stable wave form and extremely stable wave temperature. The inside diameter of the nozzle controls the overall diameter of the wave. The optimum nozzle size for a particular application is a function of the area to be soldered, the proximity of adjacent components, and the desired throughput.

Compact Solder Pot Slides In and Out for Easy Maintenance

The ULTIMA NEO-L's unique compact design allows the 16 kg solder pot and pump module to remain stationary during operation while the programmable PCB positioner moves the board over the wave nozzle in the X, Y, and Z axes. The module is easily accessible for loading of bars or pellets and slides in and out in seconds for routine maintenance. A larger 32 kg pot, a low solder level alarm and an automatic wire solder feeder are available as options.

View and Record Live Video of Soldering Operations

An optional high-definition witness camera with adjustable LED lighting, located below the PCB positioner and focused at the top of the nozzle, allows operators to view and record soldering operations in real-time.

Generate Program Data From PCB Scans or Gerber Data Import

The Windows®-compatible software accepts direct numeric data input for easy program creation either online or offline. Programs can also be created via Gerber data import or even scanned jpg images of PCBs (as shown in this screen capture) with optional software. Selective soldering functions can be defined as lines or points using an easy to use visual editor. Programs created for soldering are automatically converted to selective fluxing data.

Wave Simulation Mode Checks Solder Coverage Area

After the soldering coordinates have been entered, a handy wave width simulation mode allows the user to check the wave coverage area, based on the nozzle size selected for the individual lines and points.

Editable Parameters for Complete Control of All Soldering Functions

Data entered via the visual editor or Gerber data import is automatically arranged in a tabular format (as shown in this screen capture). The powerful NEO-L software provides a wide variety of editable parameters for each soldering step that ensures perfect, repeatable soldering every time. Users can edit the default parameters for control of Z-axis dip height, preheat dwell, X-Y speed, pump flow (rpm), and acceleration/deceleration (rpm/s); parameters critical to the prevention of bridging, icicling, and other defects. The software also automatically calculates the amount of time required for the completion of each soldering program.

Easy Import and Conversion of Gerber Data Into Soldering Programs

When Gerber data is imported via the optional software, the PCB image is automatically drawn on the visual editor screen. From here, the user can easily choose the pads to be soldered and can define them as individual points or convert selected groups of pads into continuous lines.

High-Precision Spray Fluxing

The precision spray nozzle used in the NEO-L can deliver either round or very thin linear spray patterns with a very small amount of liquid flux, keeping consumable costs low. Independent pressure controls for the integral flux reservoir and atomizer allow the user to regulate the volume and density of the spray jet and ensure a precise, uniform flux application.

Selective Fluxing Programs Automatically Generated From Soldering Data

Soldering coordinate data created for the ULTIMA NEO-L is automatically converted to selective fluxing programs by the ULTIMA Series software application.

Maximum PCB Size 380 mm x 460 mm (15" x 18")
Minimum PCB Size 50 mm x 50 mm (2" x 2")
PCB Thickness 0.8 mm - 2.0 mm (0.032" - 0.080")
PCB Warp 0.5 mm (0.020") maximum
Maximum PCB Weight 2 kg (4.4 lbs.) including components;
4 kg (8.8 lbs.) capacity optional
Component Lead Length 3 mm (0.12") recommended maximum
Component Height (Top Side) 50 mm (2") maximum above PCB top side
Component Height (Bottom Side) Soldering path programmable to avoid components and assemblies mounted on bottom side. Click here for diagram with maximum and minimum dimensions.
PCB Edge Clearance 3 mm (0.12") for components
5 mm (0.20") for solder pad edge
Positional Accuracy ±0.1 mm (±0.004")
X-Axis Resolution 0.032mm (0.0013")
Y-Axis Resolution 0.033 mm (0.0013")
Z-Axis Resolution 0.008 mm (0.0003") 50cm2/sec
Travel Speed (While Soldering) Programmable from 0.1 mm/sec - 10.0 mm/sec (0.004"/sec - 0.4"/sec)
Travel Speed (Between Points) 400 mm/sec (15.75"/sec) maximum
Heating Method Micro Heater and Temperature Sensor Integrated with Nozzle Hood
Temperature Range Ambient to 400°C (Inside Nozzle Hood)
Heater Power 1.3 KW x 1 pc.
Nitrogen Consumption 25 liters/min
Nitrogen Flow Control Digital Flowmeter and Pressure Regulator
Solder Types Both Lead-Free and Conventional Sn/Pb Solders;
Second Separate Solder Pot Recommended When Using Both Types
Wave Diameter Nozzle Dependent Based on Inner Diameter
(2.5, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, 6.0, 7.0, 8.0, 9.0, 10.0, 12.0, 14.0, 16.0, 20.0 mm Inner Diameter Nozzles Available)
Solder Wave Height 4 mm (0.16") maximum
Solder Wave Height Adjustment Controlled by Pump Motor RPM
Solder Wave Height Accuracy ±0.3 mm (±0.012")
Solder Capacity Approx. 16 kg (35 lbs.)
Solder Melting Method Indirect Heating with Cartridge Heaters
Solder Temperature Ambient to 300°C
Solder Melt Time at Startup Approx. 30 min.
Program Storage Internal Memory for 1000 Steps Per File, Number of Files Determined by Hard Disc Drive
User Interface Push-Button Controls and 15" Touch Screen Display
Machine Dimensions 1067 mm L x 1575 mm W x 1194 mm H (42" x 62" x 47")
Machine Weight 400kg (880lbs)
Power Source 200-220 VAC, Single Phase, 50/60 Hz, 4 KVA
Nitrogen Supply 0.4 - 0.5 MPa (60-75 psi); 25 l/min (0.9 CFM)


  • Eliminates time-consuming hand soldering operations and expensive wave soldering fixtures
  • Reduces risk of component overheating and PCB damage
  • High-precision X-Y-Z-axis drive moves the PCB over the stationary solder pot and flux jet, allowing for a compact design in a standalone machine
  • Flexible PCB holder with quick-release cam-locks enables fast loading and unloading of boards up to 380 x 460 mm (15" x 18")
  • Integral wave nozzle hood with built-in micro-preheater (controllable to 400 °C) shrouds soldering site with inert nitrogen and prevents oxidation
  • Bottom-side witness camera option provides real-time video inspection of the soldering process
  • Fully programmable point-to-point or continuous linear soldering
  • Variable solder pump speed and wave height control
  • Wide variety of dip height and dwell parameter settings
  • Built-in PC controller and Windows™-based software for on-line or off-line programming and unlimited program storage
  • Optional software for fast program generation via Gerber data import or scanned PCB image
  • Nozzle diameters from 2.5 mm to 20 mm (0.1" to 0.79")
  • Designed for both lead-free and conventional Sn/Pb solders
  • High-precision, pressurized air atomization nozzle for programmable selective fluxing
  • Utilizes selective soldering coordinate data to automatically generate selective fluxing operation
  • Built-in flux reservoir with hi-level/low-level alarms
  • Integral, 97 mm diameter (4") port for connection to factory exhaust

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