28.400 Compact Wave Solder Machine

Compact Wave Soldering Machine

Affordable Dual-Wave Soldering System for Medium- to High-Volume Production

Designed for budget conscious assemblers with intermediate to heavy throughput requirements, Model 28.400 wave solder machine comes standard with a number of advanced features.

The wave solder system features an auto-cleaning titanium finger conveyor with motorized width adjustment that handles PCBs up to 15.75" (400 mm) wide.

The internal, automatic spray fluxing system includes a precision, low-pressure atomizer. The highly stable, 4.2' (1300 mm) convection preheater activates fluxes while prepping the assembly for soldering temperatures.

The 28.400 wave solder machine also includes a high-capacity 370 kg (816 lbs. approximate weight for lead free solder), lead-free-ready titanium-alloy solder pot and color LCD touch-panel control, with all parts backed by a one-year warranty.

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Compact 28.400 Wave Solder Machine


"Just wanted to give you a heads-up on our new 28,400 wave solder machine. It is functioning flawlessly. My compliments."

Joseph Ragone
AA Technology
Ronkonkoma, NY, USA

"Working with Manncorp has been very positive from the information on their website, to sales, customer service, technical support and most importantly the equipment. Our last purchase, a 28.400 wave machine, was very cost competitive, had many pleasantly designed features and proved its capability from day one by successfully soldering a very challenging mixed technology assembly."

Mikael Olsson
Medallion Instrumentation Systems
Spring Lake, MI, USA

Titanium-alloy wave nozzle and components resist corrosionTitanium finger conveyor with built-in finger cleaner

Versatility for Any Wave Soldering Application

28.400 can be configured with dual waves to accommodate through-hole, surface mount and mixed-technology assemblies. The chip wave can be deactivated through the user interface for non-SMT applications, although the addition of the oscillating wave option will allow the chip wave to aid in hole fill and bridge reduction for difficult-to-solder boards of all technologies.

The standard maximum wave width of 410 mm (16") can be adjusted, relative to PCB dimensions, through the use of an optional wave reducer mechanism and helps to minimize dross formation. Board interval sensing for wave activation and an energy-saving standby mode also aid in dross reduction. 

The solder module is driven by two heavy-duty, transducer-controlled 1/4 HP motors to ensure precise, uniform wave heights.

One titanium-alloy lead-free-ready solder pot with a 370 kg (816 lbs Approximate weight for lead free solder) capacity comes standard with the 28.400. The solder pot is mounted to a heavy-duty, roll-out carriage assembly that allows for easy access and maintenance. For assemblers that have not entirely phased out lead-based solders, a second pot with a quick-connect socket can be added for easy conversion between lead-based and lead-free solders. 

Internal Automatic Spray Fluxer

The 28.400 includes an automatic internal spray fluxing system in which a precision spray nozzle assembly is mounted to a reciprocating Y-axis drive mechanism to ensure even and accurate application of flux.

The system adjusts automatically to accommodate the PCB size and utilizes a high-precision, low-pressure atomizer to provide excellent coating and through-hole penetration.

Contamination can be avoided when switching flux types with the 28.400's optional dual fluxer system. Dual spray fluxers permit instant and easy switchover from one flux type to another without messy clean-ups. Two separate nozzles, two flux tanks and two lines prevent cross contamination.

Two Independently Controlled Convection Preheating Zones

After flux application, boards enter a two-zone high-capacity forced hot air convection preheat with independent zone temperature controls to allow precise thermal profiling for proper flux activation and optimal solder wetting as assemblies enter the wave module.

If additional profiling control is needed, or for assemblies sensitive to top and bottom side temperature differential, a top-side preheater can be added at minimal cost.

Easy Conveyor Adjustment Reduces Setup Time and Ensures Process Repeatability

Motorized conveyor width adjustment, from 50-400 mm (2"-15.75"), is standard on all 28.400 wave soldering equipment, dramatically reducing setup time and eliminating operator inconsistency.

An aluminum-alloy pin-type conveyor input mechanism feeds the dual-titanium-finger conveyor, which includes a built-in finger cleaner, closed-loop speed control and overload protection.

Conveyor angle is adjustable from 4° - 7° and nominal speed setting is variable from 0.5-2.2 m/min (20"-87"/min) for maximized throughput.

An optional center PCB support rail can be added to maintain planarity and to prevent sagging of oversize boards through the wave module.

Automate Production with Inlet and Unload Conveyors

WL-100X-A1 inlet conveyor and WU-120M-L1 PCB unloader for wave solderingManncorp's WL-100M-L1 inlet conveyor and WU-120M-H1 belt unloader are specially designed for wave solder systems.

WL-100M-L1 is a fully adjustable, chain-type inlet conveyor designed for feeding assemblies up to 350 mm (13.78") wide directly into the wave solder machine. Travel speed, conveyor angle and conveyor height are all adjustable. Construction is heavy-duty aluminum.

WU-120M-H1, with its non-slip, heat-resistant belt, unloads soldered assemblies from wave soldering equipment. Height, angle and speed are adjustable. The speed is variable from 0.5-8 m/min so that PCBs are transferred smoothly and safely from the wave soldering system to operators or other handling equipment of the user's choice.


28.400 Wave Solder Equipment Key Features

Size & Board Handling

  • Compact production system for reliable, defect-free, lead-free soldering
  • Titanium finger conveyor for PCBs from 50-400 mm (2"-15.75")
  • Automatic finger cleaner and optional center support arm for large PCBs
  • Automatic conveyor width adjustment and closed-loop control of conveyor speed 

Solder Pot & Waves

  • 410 mm (16") maximum width wave with optional wave width adjustment for reduced dross
  • Dual wave
  • 370 kg (816 lbs. Approximate weight for lead free solder)-capacity corrosion-resistant titanium-alloy solder pot, nozzles and components
  • Roll-out solder pot carriage assembly with optional motorized Z-axis and Y-axis positioning system
  • Oscillating wave option for increased solder penetration in high-density SMT applications


  • Internal, high-precision automatic spray fluxer with low pressure atomization


  • Two-zone, 1300 mm (4.2'), bottom-side forced hot air convection preheater
  • Top-side preheat available


  • Color touch-screen LCD control with automatic startup and shutdown

Maintenance & Support

  • Easily removeable sliding glass door front panels and hinged rear doors for direct access to entire process and ease of maintenance 
  • Dual-filtration fume extraction system 
  • Backed by a one-year parts warranty and telephone and email support from Manncorp's factory-trained technicians
  • Onsite training and installation available



Well-Organized, Compact Design Allows Easy Access for Cleaning and Maintenance
The Manncorp 28.400 is an excellent choice for assemblers with throughput requirements that exceed their budgets and available floorspace. One of our best sellers, the 28.400 delivers quality and performance unrivaled by other systems of comparable size and price.

Easily Adjustable Titanium Finger Conveyor
The 28.400's conveyor comes standard with motorized width adjustment for PCBs from 50 - 400 mm (2" - 15.75") wide, reducing setup time and eliminating operator inconsistency. An adjustable, chain-driven, guide mechanism at input makes for easy loading and integration with other conveyorized equipment. All systems include an automatic, recirculating cleaning system for continuous maintenance of the conveyor's corrosion-resistant titanium fingers.

Heavy Duty, High-Temperature Pumps and Motors
Dual, high-performance, high-temperature motors pump the molten solder through a titanium-alloy recirculating system and wave nozzles that are specially designed to minimize solder oxidation. Both motors include transducer-controlled flow adjustment to ensure precise wave height and uniformity.

Heavy Duty Solder Pot Positioning System
The entire solder pot, pump and motor assembly can be raised and lowered, or rolled out from the conveyor for easy access during loading and maintenance. An optional automatic pot positioning system allows motorized Z-axis height adjustment and Y-axis pot retraction/insertion.

Titanium-Alloy Wave Nozzle and Components
All critical components of the wave nozzle are constructed of titanium-alloy to resist high temperature corrosivity of lead-free solders. Nozzle components feature the latest design for prevention of solder oxidation, are fully adjustable, and are easily removable during maintenance. This photo also provides a clear view of the optional adjustable PCB support which helps to maintain the planarity of large, heavy PCBs as they pass through the wave.

Forced Hot Air Convection Preheater
This photo shows the 28.400 model in the standard configuration with two independently controlled banks of high power, high stability, forced hot air convection pre-heaters. The multi-zone preheat area has hinged stainless steel covers that help maintain preheat zone temperature stability before the circuit boards enter the solder wave.

Built-In Flux Fume Exhaust Hood and Filter
Flux vapors are extracted through a built-in fume hood and filter, and out of the system through an exhaust flange on the top of the unit. The filter is easily removable for cleaning.

Cooling Zone Provides Rapid Cooling
A built-in cooling zone at the conveyor outlet provides rapid cooling immediately after reflow by directing cool air to both sides of the PCB assembly.

Easy-To-Use Color LCD Touch-Screen Interface
The menu-driven color LCD touch-screen interface is operator-intuitive for operation and control of fluxing, preheating, and soldering functions, with high-capacity process parameter storage and a 7-day timer for automatic startup and shutdown.

Stepper-Controlled Automatic Spray Fluxer
The 28.400 system includes a high-precision automatic spray fluxing system as standard. Low pressure compressed air and flow controls provide consistent and uniform application of flux to manufacturers recommendations.


28.400 Wave Soldering Machine - Specifications
Wave Dual Wave
Wave Width: 410 mm (16")
Wave Height: 10 mm (0.4")
Preheat Length: 1300 mm (51")
Conveyor Width: 50 - 400 mm (2" - 15.75")
Maximum PCB Size: 450 mm (15.75") width
Conveyor Speed: 0.5 - 2.2 m/min (20" - 87"/min)
Conveyor Angle: 4° to 7° (adjustable)
Fluxing Internal spray fluxer
Dual spray fluxing optional
Solder Pot Single lead-free pot standard
Two pots—one lead-free, one standard—optional
Solder Capacity: 370 kg (816 lbs. approximate weight for lead free solder)
Solder Temperature: Ambient - 300°C (Ambient - 572°F)
Control Method: Color Touch Screen / PLC
Machine Dimensions: 3500 mm (138") L
1390 mm (55") W
1600 mm (63") H
Net Weight: 990 kg (2180 lbs.)
Exhaust Fan Requirements: 250 cfm (Solder Pot Exhaust) 10" Diameter
Spray Fluxer Exhaust Fan built into machine
Air Pressure Requirements: 0.4 MPa (60 psi)
Total Power Consumption: 220 V, 3-Phase, 50/60 Hz 23.7 KW, 70A


28.400 wave soldering system includes:

  • 410 mm (16") maximum width dual-wave lead-free solder module with independent, high-temperature, variable speed motors, roll-out solder pot carriage assembly, low-oxidation, lead-free titanium-alloy wave nozzles, high-capacity 370 kg (816 lbs. approximate weight for lead free solder) titanium-alloy solder pot
  • Titanium finger conveyor for PCBs from 50 - 400 mm (2" - 15.75") with motorized width adjust and integral finger cleaner
  • Internal, high-precision automatic spray fluxer and low pressure atomizer with variable flow and pressure adjustments
  • 1300 mm forced hot air convection preheat
  • Dual-filtration fume extraction system
  • Color touch-screen LCD control with automatic startup and shutdown, energy saving standby mode
  • Sliding glass door front panels and hinged rear doors
  • Dimensions: 3500 mm L x 1390 mm W x 1600 mm H (138" x 55" x 63")
  • Voltage: 220V, 3-phase, 50/60 Hz, 23.7 KW, 70A
  • Weight: approx. 990 kg (2180 lbs.)
  • 1-year parts warranty

Shipping Information

  • Crated Dimensions: 3860 mm L x 1660 mm W x 2080 mm H (152" x 66" x 82")
  • Gross Weight: approx. 1200 kg (2645 lbs.)
  • Cubic Meter: 13.33 CBM

Dimensions and weight subject to slight change

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