32.400 Wave Soldering Machine

Wave Soldering Machine 32.400 from Manncorp

32.400 Wave Soldering Machine

Looking for a higher level of performance and automation in a wave soldering machine? Lead-free-capable model 32.400 features as standard a titanium finger-type conveyor with automatic finger cleaning, motorized width adjustment for PCBs up to 15.75" (400 mm) wide, and a high-precision, automatic spray fluxing system. The 32.400's six-foot (1800 mm) hot-air convection preheater with three independently controlled heating zones provides the additional length needed to boost conveyor speed for higher-volume throughput. The Windows-based user interface provides real-time temperature monitoring, audible and visual alarms, data-logging, and automatic startup and shutdown functions. Finally, an additional solder pot and quick-disconnect option is offered to complement the standard high-capacity (420 kg approximate weight for lead free solder), titanium-alloy solder pot, making the 32.400 wave solder machine a convertible twin-technology solution for both lead-free and lead-based solders.

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Conveyor Width
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Flexibility for Virtually Any Wave Soldering Requirement

The standard solder module is supplied in wave configuration to accommodate both conventional and surface mount assemblies and is driven by two, heavy-duty, transducer-controlled, 1/4 HP motors to ensure precise, uniform wave heights.

The chip wave is the primary wave. Its turbulent wave crest ensures complete solder coverage, eliminating the risk of solder skips. The second wave ensures adequate drainage of excess solder from the joints to prevent bridging and solder accumulation.

The chip wave can be deactivated through the user interface for non-SMT applications, although the addition of an oscillating wave option allows the chip wave to aid in hole fill and bridge reduction for difficult-to-solder boards of all technologies.

The standard maximum wave width of 410 mm (16") can be adjusted, relative to PCB dimensions, through the use of an optional wave reducer mechanism and helps to minimize dross formation.

Finally, board interval sensing for wave activation and an energy-saving standby mode aid in dross reduction.

Dual pot option allows leaded and lead-free solders to be run in the same machine

The Manncorp 32.400 comes standard with a high-capacity (420 kg approximate weight for lead free solder), titanium-alloy solder pot suitable for handling leaded or lead-free solders, mounted to a heavy-duty, carriage assembly with motorized Y-axis and Z-axis controls for easy access and maintenance.

An available dual-pot option allows the solder pot and carriage to be easily switched out for another carriage and pot containing a different solder composition, a valuable option for assemblers transitioning from lead-based to lead-free solders or contractors who receive jobs that still use tin/lead solder.

High-Precision Automatic Spray Fluxing and Three-Zone Hot-Air Convection Preheating

The 32.400 includes an automatic internal spray fluxing system that features a precision spray nozzle assembly mounted to a reciprocating Y-axis drive mechanism to ensure even and accurate application of flux. The system adjusts automatically to accommodate the PCB size and utilizes a high-precision, low-pressure atomizer to provide excellent coating and through-hole penetration.

After flux application, boards enter a three-zone, high-capacity, forced hot air convection preheater with independent zone temperature controls to allow precise thermal profiling for proper flux activation and optimal solder wetting as assemblies enter the wave module.

If additional profiling control is needed, or for assemblies sensitive to top and bottom side temperature differential, an additional top-side preheater can be added at minimal cost.

Avoid Contamination When Switching Flux Types With Optional Dual-Fluxer

Dual spray fluxers permit instant and easy switchover from one flux type to another without messy clean-ups. Two separate nozzles, two flux tanks and two lines prevent any commingling of fluxes, regardless of differing chemistries.

Titanium Finger Conveyor Includes Motorized Width Adjustment

Motorized conveyor width adjustment, from 50-400 mm (2" - 15.75"), is standard on all 32.400 Wave Soldering Systems, dramatically reducing setup time and eliminating operator inconsistency. Other conveyor widths are available: 300 mm, 350 mm and 450 mm.

An aluminum-alloy pin-type conveyor input mechanism feeds the dual-titanium-finger conveyor which includes a built-in finger cleaner, closed-loop speed control and overload protection.

Conveyor angle is adjustable from 4° - 7° and nominal speed setting is variable from 0.5 - 2.2 m/min (20" - 87"/min) for maximized throughput.

An optional center PCB support rail can be added to maintain planarity and to prevent sagging of oversize boards through the wave module.

Automate Production with Inlet and Unload Conveyors

Manncorp's WL-100M-L1 inlet conveyor and WU-120M-H1 belt unloader are specially designed for wave solder systems.

WL-100M-L1 is a fully adjustable, chain-type inlet conveyor designed for feeding assemblies up to 350 mm (13.78") wide directly into the wave solder machine. Travel speed, conveyor angle and conveyor height are all adjustable. Construction is heavy-duty aluminum.

WU-120M-H1, with its non-slip, heat-resistant belt, unloads soldered assemblies from wave soldering equipment. Height, angle and speed are adjustable. The speed is variable from 0.5-8 m/min so that PCBs are transferred smoothly and safely from the wave soldering system to operators or other handling equipment of the user's choice.

32.400 Specifications
Wave Width 410 mm (16")
Wave Height  10 mm (0.4")
Preheat Length 1800 mm (71")
Conveyor Width 50 - 400 mm (2" - 15.75")
(Other widths available: 300 mm (11.75"),
350 mm (13.75") and 450 mm (18")
Maximum PCB Size 400 mm x 400 mm (15.75" x 15.75")
with standard conveyor
Conveyor Speed 0.5 - 2.2 m/min (20" - 87"/min)
Conveyor Angle 4° to 7° (adjustable)
Solder Capacity 420 kg (925 lbs. approximate weight for lead free solder)
Solder Temperature Ambient - 300°C (Ambient - 572°F)
Control Method Windows®-Based PC
Machine Dimensions 3950 mm L x 1450 mm W x 1680 mm H (156" x 57" x 66")
Net Weight 1300 kg (2870 lbs)
Exhause Fan Requirements 250 cfm (Solder Pot Exhaust) 10" Diameter
Additional 4" Exhaust over Conveyor Entrance
Spray Fluxer Exhaust Fan built into machine
Air Pressure Requirements 0.4 MPa (60 psi)
Normal Operating Power 8-10 KW
Total Power Consumption 220 V, 3-Phase, 50/60 Hz 39 KW

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