SMT Place 2000 Manual Pick and Place

Speed up manual assembly and increase product quality

Manncorp's SMT Place 2000 handles a wide range of manual pick & place jobs with more accuracy & greater speed than tweezer assembly can accomplish—and less operator fatigue. Our customers rely on the SMT Place 2000 for:

  • Prototype circuit assemblies
  • Engineering & design changes
  • Small batch/low-volume assembly

Desktop-sized and easy to use. Includes integrated paste & adhesive dispenser, loose parts carousel & feeder base. Feeders (8mm & 12mm) and cut strip holder can be purchased for taped parts.


Chris Ellis 215-869-8374
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Cut strip tape feeder base + $250.00
8mm tape feeder + $250.00
12mm tape feeder + $275.00

Fast, simple manual pick & place for electronics assembly

With its X/Y guiding system and easy-gliding head, the SMT Place 2000 is more accurate and efficient than placing components by hand. The easy-glide head rotates up to 360°. With the control located right on the head, adjusting component polarity and alignment to pad is effortless. Once the component is lowered to the PCB, the vacuum shuts off automatically, releasing the part. Vacuum pressure is fully adjustable. Placement nozzles are quick and easy to change out.

Minimize mistakes, ward off fatigue

To reduce fatigue and improve steadiness, the SMT Place 2000's armrest slides to support the operator's hand above the board during assembly. This allows more assemblies to be completed more accurately over time than could otherwise be accomplished.

It also keeps the operator's sleeve out of the way, preventing accidental solder paste smear or disruption of already-placed components.

No stencils needed

SMT Place 2000's integrated dispense system can lay down solder paste without the use of a stencil. This feature makes the SMT Place 2000 the ideal all-around low cost pick and place machine for SMT prototypes, design changes, and small batch assembly. The built-in time/pressure dispenser handles both solder paste and adhesives, with a syringe vacuum control feature that can be adjusted to prevent low-viscosity liquids from dripping out of the syringe. Dots are placed using the foot pedal. Repeat mode allows the dispenser to continue distributing dots as long as the foot pedal is pressed, the dot interval is set using the repeat time regulator. Both dispense time and dispense pressure are fully adjustable.

Placement Accuracy
Placement Rate
up to 800pph
Operator Dependant
Component Height
top max 0.79" (20mm), bottom 0.98" (25mm)
Board Size
max 11" x 8.7" (280 x 220mm)
Board Thickness
0.02" (0.5mm), max 0.12" (3.0mm)
Maximum Warpage
0.04" (1mm) up, 0.04" (1mm) down
Loose Parts
ESD-safe 45-bin rotating loose parts carousel with cover included
Taped Parts
Built-in feeder base holds up to 12 tape feeders or a combination of tape feeders and tape strip
feeders. Tape strip feeders hold 8 mm, 12 mm, and 16 mm strips.
Power Requirement
110Vac, 50-60Hz, 70W
Air Requirement
35.4" x 30" x 11.8" (900 x 760 x 300mm)
55lbs (25kg) without feeders

SMT Place 2000 Manual Pick and Place Machine Features

  • X/Y guiding system and rotating head for precise positioning
  • Component displacement and paste smear is prevented by built-in armrest
  • Lightweight pick & place head and sliding armrest reduce operator fatigue
  • Vacuum automatically turns on when the nozzle touches the component and turns off at placement, saving steps
  • Magnetic support blocks for fast changeovers
  • Odd-shaped and double-sided PCBs easily accommodated
  • ESD-safe 45-bin loose parts carousel included
  • Built-in feeder base, no need to purchase separately
  • Holds twelve 8 mm and/or 12 mm tape feeders
  • Cut strip holder for three 8 mm, one 12 mm and one 16 mm tape strips—ideal for prototyping and other jobs where components are purchased only in quantities needed, instead of full reels
  • Integrated dispense head eliminates costly stencils

SMT Place 2000 includes:

  • Manual pick & place/SMT assembly station
  • 360˚ rotating placement head
  • Auto on/off vacuum pressure
  • Magnetic PCB blocks
  • Sliding arm rest
  • Loose parts carousel with 45 trays
  • Integrated feeder base
  • Integrated time/pressure dispenser

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