Keeley Electronics: Revolutionizing Guitar Pedal Production with Manncorp Equipment Upgrades

Back in 2018, Keeley Electronics was facing the challenges of lead time and quality issues with their contract manufacturers. Determined to take control of his company's future, Robert Keeley made a pivotal decision to invest in upgrading their manufacturing capabilities with surface mount technology equipment from Manncorp.

At that time, Keeley Electronics purchased the Manncorp MC1400 Automatic Stencil Printer and MC385V2V Pick and Place machines. Over the subsequent years, the company experienced a transformative journey requiring them to upgrade their manufacturing capabilities once again.

By 2023, Keeley Electronics expanded their production lines with brand new cutting-edge additions, including the AP435 Automatic Inline Stencil Printer and the MC388HS High Speed Pick and Place machine.

Two Full Manncorp Lines, including (2) AP435 and (2) MC388HS machines

Demetri Tsaras, the Engineer and SMT Manager for Keeley Electronics, expressed enthusiasm over the upgrades, highlighting how the new equipment enhanced their SMT area. Tsaras remarked, “The addition of these new Manncorp machines has made our SMT area the favorite stop for tours! People are blown away at the fact that we can produce guitar pedals with such speed and accuracy.”

Tsaras also commended Gerald Abdon, the Manncorp Service Technician sent to Keeley Electronics, for his expertise and efficiency in installing and calibrating the equipment. “Gerald is as great as they come,” Tsaras noted. “He's very friendly and my crew always enjoys when he comes by to install new equipment.” Gerald had the equipment lines installed and calibrated to be able to run production that afternoon.

Manncorp Technician Gerald Abdon setting up the AP435

Running the new MC388HS for production

In late 2023, Robert Keeley further bolstered their production capacity by adding another SMT line with additional AP435 and MC388HS machines, giving Keeley Electronics two full SMT lines capable of placing over 40,000 SMT chips per hour.

Robert Keeley, the owner of Keeley Electronics and an electrical engineer, emphasizes the significance of the Manncorp upgrades in revolutionizing their production process:

Forget just cranking out circuit boards, with two of Manncorp's blazing-fast MC388HS & AP435 powered SMT lines, Keeley Electronics has become a force to be reckoned with in the guitar pedal industry. These machines aren't just churning out pedals; they're crafting precision musical instruments, meticulously building the heart and soul of our guitar effects pedals with incredible speed. Lightning-fast assembly, laser-sharp accuracy, and enough efficiency to make even the most demanding deadlines sing - it's like having a team of hyper-focused sonic alchemists under the hood. The result? Not just 'circuit boards for stompboxes', but tonal tapestries woven with the finest sonic threads (or lead-free solder as the case may be). The accolades speak for themselves - our recent 'Premier Gear Award' award in December is a testament to the game-changing power of Manncorp technology. Keeley Electronics isn't just continuing to build effects pedals, we're inspiring guitar players to sound their best, one meticulously placed SMD at a time. None of this would be possible without the fantastic sales and support of Chris, Gerald and Andy at Manncorp. Thanks guys!

He elaborated on the impact of the Manncorp SMT lines, emphasizing the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of the assembly process. Keeley credits Manncorp for their recent achievements, including awards and successful product launches.

The team at Keeley Electronics standing with Manncorp machines in the production area.

The testimonials from Demetri Tsaras and Robert Keeley underscore the game-changing role of Manncorp upgrades in Keeley Electronics' journey. From addressing manufacturing challenges to achieving unprecedented speed and precision, the collaboration between Keeley Electronics and Manncorp exemplifies innovation in the guitar pedal industry. With each meticulously placed SMD, Keeley Electronics continues to inspire guitar players worldwide to sound their best.