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16.350 Ultra Compact Wave Solder

The 16.350 wave soldering machine brings complete through-hole, surface mount and mixed-technology wave soldering capability to manufacturers with limited floor space. Capable of soldering 1,500 assemblies per 8-hour shift, the 16.350 includes as standard a number of advanced features, like dual waves, a self-cleaning titanium finger conveyor, spray fluxer, forced hot air convection pre-heat, and an energy-saving mode that conserves power and reduces dross formation.

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Ultra-Compact 16.350 Wave Solder Machine



Solder Capacity* 250kg (Approximate weight for lead free solder)
Wave Dual Wave
Dual Pot Capable Yes - Option
Pb Free Capable Yes
PreHeat Type Convection
PreHeat Length 600mm
System Control Touch Screen Control
Fluxer Spray Fluxer
Conveyor Titanium V-Shaped Finger
Finger Cleaner Yes
Max. Board Width 350mm
Fume Extraction Extractor Hood and Filter
Overall Dimensions 2550 mm (L) ×1150 mm (W) ×1650 mm (H)
(100" L x 45.2" W x 65" H)
Machine Weight 360kg (794 lbs)
Power 3Φ220V
Current 50A
Frequency 60Hz
Total Power 18kw
Air Pressure 4kfg/cm2
Rosin Atomization Device Stepping Motor
Conveying Rate 0.5~2.2M/min
Solder Wave Width 360mm
Bare Board Dimensions Max 350mm*350mm
Length of Soldered Pin Max 10mm
Solder Furnace Temperature Room Temperature~300°C
Exhaust Fan 400W 1Φ220V
Solder Furnace Motor 180W*2
Drive Motor 40W 1Φ220V
Heating Pipe of Preheater 1.5kw*6
Pawl Cleaning Pump 12W
Forced Cooling Fan 45W
Output 1500Pcs /8H

*Capacity is calculated for lead-free solder. Leaded solder is higher.


Lead-free or Tin-lead Through-hole Soldering
The 16.350's adjustable dual waves permit lead-free or tin/lead processing of through-hole and SMD boards to a maximum width of 350 mm x 350 mm (13.75" sq.).

As PCBs are loaded onto the adjustable titanium finger conveyor, they are automatically prepped by an adjustable internal spray fluxing system which houses a precision spray nozzle assembly mounted to a reciprocating Y-axis drive mechanism to ensure even and accurate application of flux.
Run as Dual or Single Wave
Solder processing temperature is settable to a lead-free compatible 300°C. The system includes an economical low-volume 250 kg (550 lbs. Approximate weight for lead free solder) capacity solder pot with an easy-handling roll-out feature. A built-in alarm signals when solder level is at the refill point.

16.350 features dual wave soldering for through-hole and surface mount soldering. The chip wave provides a turbulent wave crest to ensure complete coverage of every joint, eliminating solder skip defects. It's followed by a secondary wave that facilitates the draining of excess solder away from the joints, preventing bridging and solder accumulation.

Wave angle is adjustable, and the chip wave can be deactivated through the user interface for non-SMT applications.

A second solder pot is available, with quick-connect capability, to allow for fast changeover between leaded and lead-free solders.
Forced Hot Air Convection Pre-Heat
The preheat stage takes place in a 600 mm (23.6") glass-covered chamber where boards are heat-bathed by energy-saving forced hot air convection, as opposed to power-consuming, uneven IR heat.
Self-Cleaning Titanium Finger Conveyor
To maximize throughput, conveyor speed setting is variable from 0.5 – 2.2 m/min (20" – 87"/min).

An optional center PCB support rail can be added to maintain planarity and prevent sagging of oversize boards through the wave module.

An automatic finger cleaner for the conveyor's titanium fingers is included.
Fully Supported
16.350 comes with a one-year parts warranty plus email and telephone support provided by factory-trained Manncorp technicians. Onsite installation and training is also available.
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