High Mix OEM PCB Assembly Line

SMT PCB Assembly Line: High Mix OEM Package from Manncorp
High Mix OEM PCB Assembly Line
High Mix OEM PCB Assembly Line - MC1400 Stencil Printer
High Mix OEM PCB Assembly Line - MC385V2V
High Mix OEM PCB Assembly Line - CR4000C Reflow Oven

High Mix OEM PCB Assembly Line

Placement Speed: Approx. 8,000 CPH

Placement Accuracy: 30 µm, 3 Sigma

Max. PCB Size: 435 x 350 mm

Feeder Capacity: 128 Tape Feeder Ports

This SMT Assembly Line Includes:

  • MC1400 Automatic Stencil Printer
  • MC385V2V Dual-Head Pick and Place System
  • CR4000C 4-Zone Convection Reflow System
  • 2-Year Warranty

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Ed Stone 215-808-6266 | West Coast

Fully-Programmable Automatic Stencil Printer

  • Automatic dual-vision alignment
  • High precision and repeatability
  • Ultra-fine-pitch printing capability for component pitches down to 0.3 mm (12 mil)
  • 400 mm x 400 mm (15.75" x 15.75") print area

MC1400 Automatic stencil printer MC1400's automatic dual-vision alignment system ensures accuracy while the printer's linear-guided movements and vertical stencil separation provide high precision and repeatability, a combination that results in ultra-fine-pitch printing capability for component pitches down to 0.3 mm (12 mil). With quick setup and changeover, thanks to the flexible mounting table, MC1400 stencil printer easily keeps pace with medium to high volume production lines and is well-suited to precision batch printing.

Learn more about the MC1400 stencil printer.

Flexible pick and place machine with 128-feeder capacity

  • 8,000 pph placement rate
  • Places 0201s to 100 x 150 mm parts (01005 option available)
  • Large placement area, up to 435 x 350 mm (17.1" x 13.8")

The high-precision MC385V2V Pick and Place system ensures accuracy and repeatablity with high-quality ballscrew drive, linear encoders, and full vision alignment. Programming and operation are made easy with mature, fully supported Windows-based software. Machine holds up to four 32-port feeder racks for a maximum feeder capacity of 128 tapes. Waffle trays and cut strip tape holders can be used in the placement area.

Learn more about the MC385V2V pick & place machine.

4-zone full convection SMT reflow oven

  • 20"-wide mesh belt conveyor
  • Four independently controlled topside heating zones + two lower zones controlled by topside + one cooling zone
  • PC control

At just over 6 1/2 feet long, the CR4000C full-convection reflow oven fits production areas where floor space is tight without sacrificing performance. High-mass heating panels and high-speed blowers allow the oven to reach temperatures up to 300˚C for lead-free reflow.

Learn more about the CR4000C SMT reflow oven.

High Mix OEM Starter Feeder Package - $9,995

  • 32 Lane Feeder Base
  • 10 – 8mm Automatic Feeders
  • 3 – 12mm Automatic Feeders
  • 1 – 16mm Automatic Feeder
  • Waffle Tray Holder

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Advanced Starter PCB Assembly Line
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  • PCBs from 0201 to 100x 150 mm
  • Integrated paste dispenser
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  • Prototyping & small output assemblies
  • Plus, a fine pitch stencil printer
High Mix, Low Volume Assembly Line
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  • Nearly twice the placement speed
  • Compared to Low Volume OEM line
Inline Production PCB Assembly Line
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LED Assembly Line
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