RT86 Motorized Axial Lead Former

Motorized Axial Lead Former RT86 for Taped & Loose Parts from Manncorp

RT86 Motorized Axial Lead Former

RT86 motorized lead former offers easy, no tooling required set-up with fully adjustable pitch & lead length. Ball bearing bushings are sealed in the crank to ensure accuracy for the life of the machine. Independent rotary disc cutters enhance cutting life, are easy to replace and put minimal stress on components. Process up to 35,000 taped or 2,500 loose components per hour. Ideal for most small contractors. Includes tape reel holder and a walking beam for loose parts. Counter optionally available.

Regular price $4,395.00
Chris Ellis  215-869-8374 | East Coast
Ed Stone 215-808-6266 | West Coast

Available in Four Models

RT86 motorized lead former with loose parts feeder meets most lead forming requirements. For lead widths 0.35 - 1.0mm diameter.

RT86S motorized lead former for finer diameter wires or smaller components that can be bent closer to the body. For lead widths 0.35 - 0.8mm diameter.

RT86W motorized lead former for heavy gauge wires. For lead widths 0.3 - 1.5mm diameter.

RT86F motorized lead former for vertical lead forming. For lead widths 0.35 - 0.8mm diameter.

A5 mm - 40 mm6 mm - 40 mm6 mm - 40 mm3.6 mm - 18 mm
B3.6 mm - 15 mm3.6 mm - 15 mm3.6 mm - 15 mm2 mm - 12 mm
C0.6 mm Min1.2 mm Min1.2 mm Min3 mm Min
D1.5-8 mm1.5-8 mm1.5-8 mm1.5-8 mm
HN/AN/AN/A25 mm Max
W (Diameter)∅0.35 - ∅0.8 mm∅0.35 - ∅1.0 mm∅0.35 - ∅1.5 mm∅0.35 - ∅0.8 mm
PN/AN/AN/A2.5-13.5 mm
R (Radius)N/AN/AN/A1-3 mm
Dimensions470 mm (L) x 500 mm (W) x 235 mm (H)
Weight28 kg

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