Reduce Your Cost Per Placement with Manncorp's New Pick & Place Machine

Manncorp has always been the leader in the low- to mid-volume production industry with SMT placement speeds ranging from 1,000 to 10,000 components per hour. Now, we are proud to introduce our latest machine to the SMT line, with a placement speed of 20,000 parts per hour: the MC889 High Speed Pick & Place.

Manncorp's MC889 High Speed Pick & Place

The MC889 sets new standards for precision, flexibility, and affordability. This 6-head multi-functional machine can place anything from a 01005 chip to a 100 x 150 mm component. Its robust design uses an all-new Ethercat motion control system that sets new standards for real-time performance and topology flexibility. Plus, the neoteric CANBus system for feeder control gives us the capability to read a machine’s entire complement of smart feeders within seconds. In addition, the MC889 can handle boards up to 25" x 17" without a waffle tray holder or 25"x15" with one.

A look inside the all-new MC889 Pick & Place.

But how does investing in this pick and place machine reduce your cost per placement? With the MC889 from Manncorp, you will be able to place 20,000 parts per hour and increase your turnover speeds. It is optimized to provide both high accuracy and high placement rates, and the list price of our machine is less than $150,000.

Now, put this next to a competitor’s pick and place machine with similar specifications. For a placement speed of 17,500 parts per hour, the list price of the competitor’s machine skyrockets to $259,900 just for the machine. You’d be paying nearly 175% more, and your placement speed is still slower than the Manncorp MC889. What are you getting for that extra $109,000? It’s not support, because Manncorp’s got amazing support. Ask any of our customers.

Aside from the cost of the machine itself, it is also crucial to investigate the cost of the component feeders. Feeder cost is always a significant portion of the total investment, especially for very dense boards. When comparing Manncorp feeders to those from the same competitor mentioned above, you’ll see that our feeders cost considerably less while offering more features.

The MC889 utilizes our groundbreaking new KFTA3D smart feeders with a built-in display. Our innovative smart feeders allow you to review quantities of components remaining on the reel, feeder slot locations, and part numbers & values in real-time or offline for faster changeovers. We have also designed the machine to be able to utilize existing KFTA or KFTA2 feeders for customers wishing to upgrade existing machines to our latest platform.

KFTA3D Smart Feeder with built-in display.

Reduce your cost per placement and save over $100,000 when you purchase the new MC889 High Speed Pick & Place machine from Manncorp.

Let Manncorp assist in determining what machines and feeders would be needed for your production process. We will analyze BOM’s, volumes, floor space, and more to establish the equipment most suitable to bring your electronics assembly in-house and take complete control of your production. If you have any questions or would like to submit a BOM for a free analysis, email Chris at or call 215-830-1200.