Manncorp Installs Four High-Speed LED Placement Systems in Mexico

Industrias Sola Basic (ISB) of Mexico City, Mexico, a global leader in the manufacture of lighting products and components for more than 60 years, took delivery of four Manncorp MC-LEDV4 pick and place systems in January.  The new machines, in conjunction with two Manncorp systems purchased in 2014, are used to build LED panel assemblies and drivers for ISB’s full line of interior and exterior LED lighting products.

Manncorp MC-LEDV4 pick and place machine for LED assembly

Unlike other pick and place equipment in its price range that is simply adapted for LED applications, the MC-LEDV4 is designed specifically for high-speed assembly of long LED panels.  Four vacuum pick and place heads, each with its own camera for on-the-fly component alignment, are mounted to a high-precision, ball-screw driven, X-axis gantry.  Fine positioning of the LED panel in the Y-axis is controlled by an indexing board holder.  The result is minimized head travel between feeders and placement locations which allows placement rates of 15,000 CPH (IPC-9850) on panels up to 300 mm maximum width, completely independent of their overall length.  Three different models are available for panels of 600, 1200, or 1800 mm maximum length, all of which can be ordered in configurations for inline automation or manual loading and unloading.

Designed for extended service despite continuous repeated cycling, heavy-duty MC-LEDV4 tape feeders utilize brushless servo motors and are available for 8, 12, 16, and 24 mm tape.  A wide variety of standard and custom vacuum pickup nozzles are available to accommodate virtually any type of SMD LED components from 0201 to 8 mm x 8mm.  Placement of COB devices and domed LEDs with soft silicone surfaces — a common source of placement errors for conventional equipment — is no problem for the MC-LEDV4, which prevents adherence of “sticky” components via minute puffs of positive air pressure through the nozzles during placement.