Come See Us at Apex!

With the IPC APEX Expo looming, Manncorp is getting ready to make an appearance and show off some of our exciting products. Planning on attending APEX? Stop by booth #1151 and pay us a visit. Enjoy a taste of Philly with a Tastykake while you check out the machines we have to offer.  If you can’t make it out to San Diego for the show, however, there’s no need to worry. We’re also offering great deals to customers across the country on the machinery that we’re bringing to the show.

The MC-388 4-head Pick and Place offers space to hold over 150 feeders, offering you flexible assembly options and a 10,000 part-per-hour placement capability. Most of our clients that make use of the MC-388 experience absolutely no changeover. With our APEX sale, you can get it fully loaded with feeders in 192 feeder slots and an inline conveyor for only $199,995!

Includes Inline Conveyor & 192 Feeder Slots Fully Loaded w/Feeders* - $199,995
Click here for more info on the MC-388

The MC-301 Benchtop Batch Reflow Oven is an excellent choice for product development and prototyping with a small footprint. The exclusive hardware control app and Android architecture allows for easy programming of detailed solder profiles, making this oven the perfect choice for manufacturability testing and more. Thanks to our APEX sale, it can be yours for only $5,995— $1,000 less than its usual price— and shipping is free!

$1,000 Off & Free Shipping* - $5,995 
Click here for more info on the MC-301 (*US & Canada)

The MC-400 is a great choice for prototyping and getting started with PCB assembly. With a 2,500 part-per-hour placement speed, you’ll have everything you need to begin your own prototyping work and short assembly runs. During our sale, you can purchase it for only $49,995 including 20 feeders and a feeder base.

Includes 20 Feeders & Feeder Base* - $49,995 
Click here for more info on the MC-400

Whether you’re planning on seeing us at the show, or you’re just interested in bringing your SMT assembly in house, we’d love to hear from you. Reach out to Chris at 215.869.8374 or email to learn more about the great deals we’re offering on these machines for the APEX show.

*Through March, 2019