Carson Manufacturing Adds Two Wave Soldering Machines to Their Equipment Line-Up

Choosing Between Manncorp Equipment & Other Suppliers

During the buying process, Manncorp walked Carson Manufacturing Company Inc. through the different aspects of our Wave Soldering Machine versus those of another machine they were considering. Our team makes sure to lay out the facts for customers so they can make an informed decision. Here are some key points we highlighted:

Pro Tip: Stick to working with equipment manufacturers who have good references. Carson asked us for previous customers to reach out to. That way, they were able to receive honest reviews directly from real people currently using Manncorp machines.

Manncorp Wave Soldering Machines at Carson Manufacturing

When our team first spoke with Carson Manufacturing Company (located in Indianapolis, Indiana), they were in the market for one wave soldering machine. However, after discussing their goals with the Manncorp team, Carson decided that two machines would be better for the level of throughput they wanted. Now, Carson has one designated as leaded and the other as lead-free.

Manncorp Wave Solder Machines in-use at Carson Manufacturing Company in Indianapolis, IN.
Manncorp Wave Solder Machines in-use at Carson Manufacturing Company in Indianapolis, IN.

The Wave Soldering Machines have fully optimized preheat lengths, are built with high quality in mind, and will provide great results for years to come.

The length of preheat is fully optimized for the size of the machine.
Fine atomizer adjustments for the fluxer allow for better penetration in t/h’s.
We use very large, wear-resistant, industrial solder pumps.
Example of the included Conveyor Inlet

 A Key Deciding Factor: Preheat Length

When deciding which Wave Solder Machine is best for your company’s application, there is a variety of aspects to consider. However, one key point that helped Carson Manufacturing Company choose Manncorp as their equipment supplier was: The length of preheat time the machine will provide.

Why is Preheat Length important?

You want a wave solder machine that has a tunnel long enough to preheat even the most complex boards. But also one that doesn't go so slowly that it puts the solder pot at risk of damage.

Choosing a wave solder machine with poor preheat ability could result in:

  • Solder defects from lack of preheat
  • Overheating of boards or components

With any wave solder machine, it is always a delicate balance of time. You have to balance the time of preheating versus time over the liquidus wave of molten solder. Longer preheat helps stabilize this process by making the conveyor speed fast enough to go over the pot while still obtaining the correct amount of preheat. By avoiding machines that offer limited preheat, you will be looking at options that have better long-term value.

Getting Your Own Wave Solder Machine

Want to make the switch to Manncorp like Carson Manufacturing? Or are you making your first Wave Solder purchase? Feel free to reach out! Text or call Chris Ellis on the East Coast (215.869.8374) or Ed Stone on the West Coast (215.808.6266), or send us an email at

We would love the opportunity to make your equipment experience a success story.