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45.400 Wave Soldering Machine

The Manncorp 45.400 lead-free wave soldering system is designed to provide the highest level of process control and functionality needed to ensure maximum quality and repeatability for today's most demanding through-hole and surface mount wave soldering applications. With an industry-leading performance-versus-price ratio, the 45.400 is loaded with numerous standard features and options for fully automated setup, operation, and maintenance, and delivers outstanding process flexibility for medium- through high-volume production environments.

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45.400 Nitrogen Lead-Free Wave Soldering System


Wave Width: 410 mm 16"
Wave Height: 10 mm (0.4")
Preheat Length: 1800 mm (71")
Conveyor Width: 50 - 400 mm (2" - 15.75")
Maximum PCB Size: 400 mm x 400 mm (15.75" x 15.75")
Conveyor Speed: 0.5 - 2.2 m/min (20" - 87"/min)
Conveyor Angle: 4° to 7° (adjustable)
Solder Capacity: 420 Kg (925 lbs. approximate weight for lead free solder)
Solder Temperature: Ambient - 300°C (Ambient - 572°F)
Machine Dimensions: Length: 4700 mm (185")
Width: 1350 mm (53")
Height: 1680 mm (66")
Net Weight: 1600 kg (3527 lbs.)
Preheat Power: 220V, 8.4 KW x 3
Conveyor Motor Power: 220V, 60W
Exhaust Power: 220V, 3-phase, 1500 W
Cooling System Power: 220V, 0.36 KW x 1 + 45 W x 2
Wave Pump Power: 220V, 3-phase, 0.18 KW x 2
Solder Heat Power: 220V, 2 KW x 6
Total System Power: 39.5 KW
Input Power: 220V, 3-phase, 50/60 Hz
Air Supply: 0.4 MPa (60 psi)


Dual Wave Standard
The standard 45.400 solder module is supplied in a dual-wave configuration to accommodate both conventional and surface mount assemblies and is driven by two heavy-duty, transducer-controlled, 1/4 HP motors to ensure precise, uniform wave heights.

For non-SMT applications, the chip wave can be deactivated through the user interface, although the addition of the oscillating wave option allows the chip wave to aid in hole fill and bridge reduction for difficult-to-solder boards of all technologies.

The standard maximum wave width of 410 mm (16") can be adjusted, relative to PCB dimensions, through the use of an optional wave reducer mechanism and helps to minimize dross formation.
High-Capacity Solder Pot with Interchangeable Solder Pot Option
The Manncorp 45.400 wave solder machine includes a high-capacity (420 kg approximate weight for lead free solder), titanium-alloy solder pot for lead-free solders mounted to a heavy-duty, roll-out carriage assembly for easy access and maintenance. The carriage assembly incorporates a Z-axis drive mechanism, controlled via the Windows®-based user interface, to adjust the height of the wave relative to the PCB and to ensure process repeatability for all set-ups.

An optional automatic solder loader and low-level solder alarm maximize throughput and system up-time through reduced operator intervention and fewer machine stoppages.

When the system is purchased with the two-pot option, a quick-disconnect adapter allows the solder pot and carriage to be easily removed and replaced with another carriage and pot containing a different solder composition, a valuable option for assemblers who are still processing some jobs with leaded solders.
External Spray Fluxer/Filtration System Improves Performance & Reduces Maintenance
One of the most attractive features of the 45.400 system is the modular design of the external spray fluxer and its integrated filtration system. Segregation of the fluxer from the preheat area not only prevents the accumulation of flux residues in the preheat zone but also allows reclamation of unused flux.

The spray nozzle assembly is mounted to a servo-controlled, reciprocating Y-axis drive mechanism to ensure even and accurate application of flux and utilizes a high-precision, low-pressure atomizer to provide excellent coating and through-hole penetration. Diffused flux vapors are trapped by the advanced, dual-zone filtration and flux reclamation system before they can enter the heating chamber or the exhaust gas venting and collected flux is filtered before returning to the main reservoir.

The system, which features drawer-style access to all components, is fully serviceable from outside the main heating chamber and has been proven to dramatically reduce flux usage and maintenance time.
Oversized Forced Hot-Air Convection Preheat Zone Maximizes Capacity and Throughput
The 45.400 wave soldering system is supplied standard with 1.8 meters (5.9') of forced hot-air, bottom-side, convection preheat, divided into three, independently controlled zones. This length allows proper temperature profiling for lead-free wave soldering at the highest possible conveyor speeds, depending on board mass.

If additional profiling control is needed, or for assemblies sensitive to top and bottom side temperature differential, an additional three-zones of top-side preheating (each with independent control) can be added at minimal cost.

The Windows®-based user interface provides full profiling and data recording capability.
Automatic Conveyor Adjustment Reduces Setup Time, Ensures Process Repeatability
Fully-automatic, motorized conveyor width adjustment, from 50-400 mm (2" - 15.75"), is standard on all 45.400 wave soldering machines and is controlled via the user interface for fast, tool-free set-up and maximum process reliability.

An aluminum-alloy pin-type conveyor input mechanism feeds the dual-titanium-finger conveyor which includes a built-in finger cleaner and closed-loop speed control and overload protection.

Conveyor angle is adjustable from 4° - 7° and nominal speed setting is variable from 0.5 - 2.2 m/min (20" - 87"/min) for maximized throughput.

An optional center PCB support rail can be added to maintain planarity and to prevent sagging of oversize boards through the wave module. An ultra-high-temperature resin-finger conveyor can also be substituted for the standard titanium-finger conveyor.
Nitrogen Process Atmosphere and Forced Cooling Options Increase Flexibility
Some recent studies indicate that wave soldering in a nitrogen atmosphere improves solder wettability and reduces dross formation in comparison to processing in an air atmosphere. While the debate over the merits of one versus the other goes on, Manncorp's 45.400 systems provide a level of affordability that allows you the flexibility for either alternative.

When the 45.400 is purchased with the factory-installed N2 option, the hot air convection preheater is replaced with a specially-sealed IR preheater to minimize nitrogen consumption. A nitrogen flow control system and PPM O2 analyzer are also installed to ensure oxygen levels are maintained below the allowable threshold.

Other studies indicate that, in addition to reducing peak temperature exposure times, aggressive cooling (> 3.5°C/sec) helps to improve solder joint grain structure. For these reasons, an optional external chiller unit is available to boost the capacity of the standard upper and lower forced cooling system.
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