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C250 Small Wave Solder Machine

The C250 wave solder machine combines low up-front equipment costs with long-term consumable and energy savings. Its solder pot capacity of just 100 kg (approximate weight for lead free solder) translates to a 66% reduction in stocking and refilling costs compared to larger pot systems, resulting in an annual savings on solder that could almost pay back the equipment cost. The C250's space-saving footprint is just 2020 mm x 830 mm (79" x 33"). The system's adjustable, corrosion-resistant fiber finger conveyor opens to accommodate assemblies up to 250 mm (10") wide. Available in either single or dual-wave configurations, the C250 wave solder machine comes equipped with everything needed for low volume production, including IR preheating and a corrosion-resistant, lead-free-ready solder pot that's guaranteed for 5 years.

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C250 Wave Solder Machine


Maximum Board Width: 250 mm (10")
Minimum Board Width: 30 mm (1.2")
Maximum Wave Height: 10 mm (0.4")
Preheat Length: 420 mm (16.5")
Conveyor Speed: 0 - 2.0 m/min (0" - 79"/min)
Conveyor Angle: 3° to 6° (adjustable)
Solder Capacity: 100 Kg (220 lbs. approximate weight for lead free solder)
Solder Temperature: Ambient - 300°C (Ambient - 572°F)
Machine Dimensions: 2020 mm (79.5") L
830 mm (32.7") W
1275 mm (50.2") H
Not including warning light.
Net Weight: Approx. 470 Kg (1040 lbs.)
Air Pressure Requirements: 5 Kg/cm² (70 psi)
Air Volume Requirements: 25 CFM
Total Power Consumption: 220 V, 3-Phase, 50/60 Hz 7.7 KW


Reduced Energy Consumption, Reduced Dross Formation
C250's high-efficiency heaters and small, 100 kg (220 lb approximate weight for lead free solder) solder pot considerably decrease start-up time for significant energy savings.

They also reduce oxidation and dross formation.
Single- or Dual-Wave Configuration
The C250 is supplied as standard in a single-wave configuration for conventional through-hole assemblies, but can also be purchased as a dual-wave system to solder surface mount and mixed technology boards as well.

Dual-wave technology often provides improved hole penetration and reduced bridging on difficult-to-solder boards of all technologies.

If necessary, the chip wave in dual-wave systems can easily be deactivated through the installation of a nozzle cover plate included with the dual-wave option.

Wave height control is dial-adjustable to a maximum height setting of 10 mm (.39").

The wave pump motor, with on/off control activated by optical board sensors on the conveyor, is protected by low temperature and overheat alarms.
Adjustable Fiber-Finger Conveyor and IR Preheater Allow Precise Lead-Free Profiling
The C250 wave soldering system includes a high-temperature, corrosion-resistant, fiber-finger conveyor system with variable speed up to 2 m/min (79"/min). Conveyor angle (3°-6°) and width are easily-adjustable to accommodate PCBs from 30 mm to 250 mm (1.2" to 10").

A chain-driven, pin-type inlet conveyor is included as standard and allows easy loading of assemblies and smooth transfer into the conveyor fingers.

After flux application, a 420 mm IR preheater uses stainless-steel sheath-type heaters to raise PCBs and components to manufacturers' recommended temperatures for proper activation of VOC-free fluxes and to prepare the assembly for lead-free soldering temperatures.
Now Available: Innovative Drum-Spray Fluxing System
A drum-spray fluxing mechanism, optional with C250 systems, combines the simplicity of a foam fluxer with the precision of a spray fluxing system. Its simple, innovative design is extremely easy to set up and maintain. The drum-spray precisely applies flux evenly as it passes over the rotating drum. This method has been shown to provide more uniform application and less flux waste.
Long-Life Cast Iron Solder Pot
The corrosion-resistant, seamless cast iron solder pot resists corrosion from use of all-tin and tin-alloy solders during high-temperature lead-free processing. Its smaller capacity reduces upfront solder costs. The pot is guaranteed for 5 years.

The solder pot and wave assembly slide out from the rear of the unit onto an extendable platform and are braced by heavy-duty supporting legs during loading and maintenance.
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