VP230 Bench Top Vapor Phase

The VP230 Bench Top Vapor Phase is Manncorp’s answer for companies interested in Research and Development and SMT prototyping with only the highest level of temperature control. This machine is ideal for facilitating short production runs with high mixes and fast leaded or lead-free changeovers. Easily load boards of up to 16.9” by 9.1” (430 by 230 mm) without any temperature guesswork or downtime. The profile for your board is pre-determined by the boiling point of the fluid you use.

The vapor phase process is the ideal solution to reflow temperature control issues in small batch production runs. Unlike IR or convection batch-type ovens with varying temperature control concerns, our vapor phase ovens provide you with evenly distributed temperature throughout the production cycle, completely under your control.


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IMD-GL 230-549
Galden LS230 Reflow Medium for Lead-Free Applications 1000 Gram + $495.00
Galden LS230 Vapor Phase Medium (230 °C boiling point) 5 Kg container + $1,995.00
IMD-GL 200-549:
Galden LS200 Reflow Medium for Tin Lead Soldering Applications 1000 Gram + $495.00
Galden LS200 Vapor Phase Medium (200 °C boiling point) 5 Kg container + $1,995.00
Installation and Training + $3,500.00

Works with liquids at varying solder temperatures

Our VP230 is compatible with a range of fluorinated fluids designed for eutectic or lead-free solders and can function with available PFPE Galden compositions with boiling points up to 240°C. This heat transfer is generally 10 times as efficient as a comparable convection oven and the nature of the vapor phase process ensures that the maximum temperature will never exceed the boiling point of the liquid.

The advantages of the vapor phase soldering process include an inert, oxygen-free environment for the highest quality solder joints and a low peak temperature that can improve the long-term reliability of the finished board.

Solder observation window

The observation window on the VP230 Vapor Phase allows operators and process engineers to observe the vapor phase soldering process and identify any possible issues they occur.

Forced air cooling

Rapid cooling is provided through a forced air process enabled by 6 high-power fans mounted directly beneath the unit’s processing area.

Desoldering tool for rework applications

With the IC/BGA desoldering tool, you can expand the capabilities of your VP230 to various rework applications. By just applying heat-resistant double-sided tape to the underside of the arm and attaching it to the targeted component, the desoldered component will be cleanly detached and lifted from the PCB during the vapor phase soldering process.

Solder paste & uncured adhesive removal
48" L x 34" W x 40" H
550 lbs
Welded tube steel frame and 16-gauge steel panels
Power-coat epoxy
Internal Plumbing
Stainless steel polypropylene
Electrical Requirements
208-240 VAC 1 Ø 50 amps
Wash Tank Capacity
35 gallons (132 liters)
Maximum Stencil Size
29" x 29" (74 cm x 74 cm)
Full immersion
Drain Requirements
3/4" NPT
Wash Cycle Timer
Digital 1-99 minutes
1000-watt side-mounted transducers
Hand-Held Rinse Wand
Hand-Held Airknife
Wash Solution Heating
Wash Solution Filtration

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