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Ultra-Dry 1490H Baking Dry Cabinet

Extra-large baking dry box restores shelf life of moisture-sensitive devices

Manncorp’s Ultra-Dry "H" series 40°C baking boxes can restore exposed moisture-sensitive devices (MSDs) to new condition without the solderability problems, such as oxidation and intermetallic build up, caused by conventional 125°C baking processes. Components and assemblies can also be stored indefinitely in these boxes with no harmful effects. Model 1490H is the largest of the baking cabinets, with 44.1 cu. ft. (1250L) capacity. It includes datalogging capability.

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Ultra-Dry 1490H Baking Desiccant Cabinet

Restore & Store MSDs

Components and assemblies that have been exposed to ambient environments prior to reflow are at risk for moisture damage, such as popcorning, tombstoning and other serious, and often hidden, defects that can remain undetected until the product is in the field. Exposure can happen during shipping or storage, from improper closure of or tears in MSD package, or improper handling. Don’t throw out expensive exposed components and assemblies however: reset their shelf life with a low-temperature baking cabinet.

Reset the floor life of moisture-exposed components
Ultra-Dry "H" series desiccant baking cabinets restore moisture-exposed parts and assemblies to full use with a low-temperature (40˚C) bake function that gently warms the moisture out without harming sensitive components, laminates or PCBs—no matter how long they remain in the baking cabinet.

This low temperature also means there’s no need to remove components from their low-temperature carriers—tapes, trays, sticks—before baking.

Low-humidity environment for storage
The "H" cabinets can be used to store and protect components, bare boards and partial assemblies, with or without the bake function activated, in an RH atmosphere of <5. The box’s dryer-than-the-Sahara RH of <5% is significantly lower than specified by IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033C, and far more than enough to prevent moisture traces that cause microcracking, popcorning, delamination and solder joint failures.

Data logging included
The cabinet's digital display also functions as a data logger, allowing companies to keep and review temperature and humidity history on the cabinet. The 2-channel data logger measures both temperature and humidity inside the cabinet. Included Windows-based software provides tools for displaying and evaluating the collected data. Data reports can be printed, exported or emailed. The software allows the data logger to be configured for C or °F, sample rate, high/low alarms and data logging intervals. 

All "H" cabinets meet and exceed J-STD-033B standard for floor-life restoration and storage.

Nitrogen environment available
Nitrogen systems are available as an option.

Model 1490H

Ultra-Dry 1490H baking dessicant dry box protects MSDs from moisture-related damageWith an ultra-spacious interior capacity of 44.1 cu. ft. (1250 L), Ultra-Dry 1490H is the largest "H" series dry box available. 

This cabinet is ideal for large boards and assemblies, and/or for mid-to-high volume assemblers and component or board manufacturers and distributors—or anyone who requires abundant storage capacity to maintain high-turnover inventories.

The included data logger records temperature and humidity measurements at user-settable intervals.

Inside dimensions are 45"W x 23"D x 59"H (1144 x 576 x 1487 mm). Five adjustable shelves are included.


Ultra-Dry Baking Dry Cabinet


Use Manncorp Ultra-Dry Baking Dry Cabinets to Restore:

  • ICs and components that arrive from a vendor in compromised packaging.
  • ICs and components that have been exposed to ambient humidity during storage due to improper storage practices, damaged moisture barrier bags, and improperly re-sealed moisture barrier bags. 
  • ICs and components on reels, trays and sticks, without having to remove them from their packaging.

Use Manncorp Ultra-Dry Baking Dry Cabinets to Protect and Store:

  • ICs and components in reels, trays, sticks, feeders or loose in bins or bags prior to placement. 
  • Multilayer PCBs and bare boards meant for military and other class 3, high-reliability products.
  • Double-sided boards that have been partially assembled.
  • Moisture-absorbing materials, such as epoxy, resins, chemicals and adhesives.
  • Films and plastics used in production.

Performance Charts

Dessicant Cabinet Performance Chart 1

A. Start Installation B. Stable
C. Door Open and Close

Dessicant Cabinet Performance Chart 2

Door is opened 30 seconds and closed.
Ultra-Dry "H" series always reaches ≤5%Rh within 30 minutes after the door is opened and closed.


H Series Dry Boxes ULTRA-DRY Desiccant Cabinets 290H ULTRA-DRY Desiccant Cabinets 490H ULTRA-DRY Desiccant Cabinets 790H ULTRA-DRY Desiccant Cabinets 1490H

"H" Series Desiccant Cabinets - Specifications
Model 290H 490H 790H 1490H
External Size
24" x 33" x 28"
600 x 840 x 709mm
24" x 33" x 52"
600 x 840 x 1308mm
24" x 33" x 72"
600 x 840 x 1820mm
48" x 33" x 72"
1200 x 840 x 1820mm
Internal Size
22" x 23" x 19"
544 x 576 x 461mm
22" x 23" x 39"
544 x 576 x 974mm
22" x 23" x 59"
544 x 576 x 1487mm
45" x 23" x 59"
1144 x 576 x 1487mm
Capacity 7.1 cu. ft. (202L) 14.5 cu. ft. (413L) 22 cu. ft. (624L) 44.1 cu. ft. (1250L)
Shelves 2 full size shelves 3 full size shelves 5 full size shelves 5 full size shelves
Wheel N/A 2 antistatic,
with brakes,
2 standard.
2 antistatic,
with brakes,
2 standard.
2 antistatic,
with brakes,
2 standard.
Power Consumption Max. 450 W;
Avg. 200 Wh
Max. 600 W;
Avg. 300 Wh
Max. 600 W;
Avg. 300 Wh
Max. 1200 W;
Avg. 600 Wh
Shipping Information 30"L x 32"W x 35"H;
290 lbs
30"L x 32"W x 59"H;
201 lbs
30”L x 32”W x 79”H;
455 lbs
54”L x 32”W x 79”H;
890 lbs
Temperature & Humidity Range 40 ±2°C; ≤5%RH
Color Black
Voltage 110V, 50/60Hz
Display Precision RH%: ±3,°C: ±1
Software Humidity Manager V2 for drawing the curve of RH and temperature.
Structure 1mm thick carbon steel with antistatic paint.
Door Compression handles, airtight magnetic sealers and antistatic glass.
Grounding Wire 1M Ω. (940 mm long)
ESD Paint 103~109 Ω. (surface resistance)
Baking 40°C Dry Cabinet is suitable for ambient temperature >15°C.


Ultra-Dry 1490H Baking Dry Cabinet Includes

  • 44.1 cu. ft. (1250 L) capacity black baking desiccant dry cabinet
  • Ultra-low humidity storage of ≤5%RH
  • 4 Turbo dry modules for faster drying without need for compressed air
  • Hot-bake function at 40 ±2°C
  • LCD control panel
  • Digital RH & temperature display with data logging function and Windows-based PC software
  • 6 doors with compression handles and airtight magnetic sealers
  • 2 antistatic wheels with brakes
  • 2 standard wheels
  • 5 adjustable shelves
  • Antistatic paint and glass
  • 1-year warranty 

Shipping Information

  • Crated Dimensions: Approx. 54” L x 32” W x 79” H (1340mm L x 810mm W x 2000mm H)
  • Gross Weight: Approx. 890 lbs. (403 kgs) 
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