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5500 Dual Squeegee SMD Stencil Printer

The 5500 stencil printer is engineered to meet the demands of an ever-changing industry. From prototyping to low-to-medium volume production, the 5500 is an efficient, versatile and reliable printer for small, individual boards up to large panels, both single- and double-sided.

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5500 Dual Squeegee SMD Stencil Printer



Stencil Frame Size 300 mm x 300 mm to 600 mm x 600 mm
(12" x 12"** to 24" x 24")
**12" x 12" Stencil requires 9" Squeegees
Work Area /Maximum PCB Size 356 mm x 430 mm (14" x 17")
X and Y Axis Range ±13 mm (±0.5")
R Axis Range ±5.0°
Z Axis Range 0-19 mm (0" - .75")
Underside Clearance 25 mm (1")
Air Pressure 80 psi
Dimensions 840 mm L x 920 mm W x 350 mm H
(33.1" L x 36.2" W x 13.7" H)
Net Weight approx. 75 Kg (165 lbs)
Shipping Weight approx. 78 Kg (172 lbs)


Even, consistent print stroke minimizes printing-related defects
The 5500 stencil printer's pneumatically controlled dual floating squeegees provide constant, even squeegee pressure throughout the print stroke, ensuring consistent prints, board after board, and minimizing the risks of solder bridging and bleeding of the solder paste under the stencil.

Bi-directional squeegee design makes it possible to print on both the forward and the return strokes for greater efficiency.
Vertical stencil separation ensures well-defined print edges
After printing, the vertical lift lever is used to raise the stencil vertically up off of the PCB, eliminating the risk of solder paste smearing as the stencil is opened away from the printer and ensuring well-defined print edges. The results are comparable to those produced by much more costly automated stencil printers.
Quick setup and changeover, ergonomic operation
With a Z-axis adjustable from 0" to 0.75" and no-tools-required tooling, double-sided boards are easily accommodated, as is off-contact screen printing.

The 5500's universal squeegee holders accept metal, polyurethane, and rubber squeegee blades. One pair of 12" metal and rubber squeegee blades are included.

The squeegee shuttle moves side-to-side so that the operator doesn't have to reach across to the back of the machine to print.
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