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4040 Vapor Phase Soldering System

The 4040 represents a new generation of equipment that exploits vapor phase technology’s many advantages and makes it a viable alternative to inline convection reflow. Long considered a slow and expensive solution for niche applications in military and aviation, many SMT assemblers have begun to appreciate the improved soldering quality, tremendous time savings, long-term reliability, and lower operating costs associated with vapor phase systems like the 4040. This compact, dual-chamber system, with its generous 460 mm x 410 mm (18.1" x 16.1") PCB capacity, makes it easy to solder complex, high-mix product, with minimal setup and changeover time, in an inert environment and with 0% risk of overheating. It’s also surprisingly fast, with cycle times ranging from 6-9 minutes or less and the ability to batch solder multiple boards simultaneously in its large board holder.

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4040 Vapor Phase Soldering System, 79" wide


Max. PCB Size 460 x 410 x 80 mm
(18.1" x 16.1" x 3.2")
Max. Board Weight 5 Kg (11 lbs) total per load
Fluid Capacity 27 Kg (59.5 lbs
Avg. Fluid Consumption 1.5 – 2 g/cycle
Cooling Water Flow Requirement 2.5 – 4.0 bar (35 – 60 psi)
Tap water or recirculating chiller
Startup Time 25 min
Avg. Cycle Time 3 – 5 min
(profile dependent)
Voltage Requirements 208V, three-phase, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption 2.8 KW (Soldering)
1.8 KW (Standby Mode)
Dimensions (L x W x H) 2000 x 800 x 1260 mm
(78.75" x 31.5" x 49.6")
Net Weight 370 Kg (816 lbs)


Works with full range of soldering liquids
In vapor phase soldering, heat transfer is at least 10X more efficient than in a convection oven and the maximum vapor temperature will never exceed the boiling point of the liquid. The inert, oxygen-free environment produces the highest quality solder joints and the low peak temperature has been proven to improve the long-term reliability of the finished product. The 4040 is compatible with any of the PFPE fluorinated fluids designed for eutectic or lead-free solders and can be ordered with liquids with boiling points from 200°C – 260°C. Fluids are supplied in 5 kg containers and the initial fill requires less than 30 kg.
Dual-chamber design conserves fluid
A dual-chamber design and automatic PCB transport system make the 4040 extremely easy to operate, while minimizing loss of the soldering liquid due to drag-out and evaporation. Boards are placed in the 460 mm x 410 mm (18.1" x 16.1") work holder inside the loading chamber in the top left of the unit. After closing the sealed cover of the loading compartment and starting the soldering sequence, a vapor flap (separating the loading chamber from the soldering chamber) opens and the transport mechanism gently moves the work holder into the soldering chamber. The vapor flap closes behind the work holder and remains closed until soldering is complete. The flap then opens and the PCB is moved back to the loading chamber for cooling.
Automatic fluid recovery and monitoring
The loading chamber, which doubles as the cooling chamber after soldering is complete, features a fluid recovery system that collects, filters, and recycles any fluid condensate that didn’t drain from the assembly and work holder in the soldering chamber. It also includes a heat exchanger that blows cool air across the assembly and draws residual vapor into the recovery system. The result is a fluid loss of less than 1.5 – 2.0 g/cycle. The system also includes a level monitoring sensor and alerts the operator through the touchscreen display when fluid level is low.
Process viewing window
Unlike fully enclosed inline convection ovens, the 4040 includes a large process viewing window that allows operators and process engineers to observe soldering as it’s actually taking place.
Built-in thermocouple for profiling
The 4040 also includes a thermocouple connector accessory which attaches to the work holder and accepts K-type thermocouple wires with standard male (2-pole) flat-pin connectors. This allows measurement of actual PCB temperature throughout the entire soldering cycle for customized profiling.
Easy operation via touchscreen interface
A touchscreen user interface allows ultra-easy operation of the 4040. A system status screen displays critical information like vapor temperatures at the top and bottom of the vapor blanket, board temperature (when the detachable thermocouple is used), program number, program stage, time for each stage, heater power, fluid level, etc. Machine status messages and alerts are also displayed as conditions and events occur. Three levels of password protection separate operation, program setup, and maintenance modes.
4-stage programs with automatic override
Soldering programs can be divided into four separate segments, each with a specific duration (in seconds) and a specific heater power (in % of maximum). Even though the maximum temperature can never exceed the boiling point of the liquid, the actual temperature of the PCB at the various stages leading up to peak temperature can be controlled by regulating the heater power (which controls the vapor density and the amount of heat transfer to the assembly). Profiling with the aid of the thermocouple allows the operator to fine-tune programs for maximum efficiency, but advances in solder pastes, the increasing popularity of ramp-to-peak soldering, and the flexibility afforded by vapor phase eliminate much of the tedium of solder profiling. The 4040 includes an override function that, in most cases, provides excellent results even without profiling. The override function simply monitors the peak vapor temperature and the time at peak. If the peak temperature and time are achieved before the completion of the program, the system will proceed to the cooling stage even if the program specifies a longer heating time. Conversely, if time has elapsed (per the program) and the vapor temperature and time are insufficient for reflow, the cycle will be extended and the heater power increased until the peak temperature and time are achieved.
Recorded temperature profiles saved to SD card
Thermal data recorded through the detachable thermocouple input can be exported to an SD card reader for SPC traceability.
Simple exhaust management
The compact 4040 system is easily installed in virtually any workspace without the need for complex ductwork and external venting. The efficient heat transfer and low-turbulence nature of vapor phase generates minimal exhaust. What little is generated can be collected through a few feet of flexible ducting and filtered in an inexpensive, low-volume fume extraction system — no need for any new holes in your walls or special permitting!
Optional closed-loop chiller
The cooling coil that maintains the height of the vapor in the 4040’s soldering chamber requires a water supply of 2.5 l/min (0.66 gal/min) at 2.5-4.0 bar (35-60 psi). While municipal tap water supplies meet this requirement in most locales, an optional closed-loop, recirculating chiller is also available that attaches to the 4040 with simple ½" NPT supply and return connections. This compact, energy-efficient unit is extremely quiet (<68 dB) and measures only 760 x 610 x 500 mm (30" x 24" x 20"). 230V AC, single phase power, approx. 81 kg (179 lbs).
Optional IC/BGA desoldering tool
Expand the capabilities of any Manncorp Vapor Phase systems with the R-500 rework option that quickly and easily desolders and removes ICs and BGAs. Simply apply the special gummed tape to the underside of the placement arm before placing it on the targeted component. Start the solder program, and in moments the desoldered component is cleanly lifted off the PCB.
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