CR8000 8-Zone SMT Reflow Oven

A combination of 8 independently controlled full-convection heating zones (16), 2 cooling zones, and low-velocity, low turbulence air flow allows the CR8000 reflow oven to provide you with thermal accuracy of ±1°C and a ΔT of ±2°C across PCB assemblies to 22" (570 mm) wide. This high-performance model takes up less floorspace than comparable alternatives on the market and offers a throughput that can keep pace with even high-volume production requirements.


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Upgrade for 24 inch edge rail width - must be factory ordered + $7,995.00
Nitrogen Option + $15,000.00
Internal, water-chilled recirculating heat exchanger + $8,990.00
Automatic width adjustment of the pin conveyor based on the parameter settings for specific reflow programs + $1,295.00
CR Series Spare Parts Kit (must be ordered w/machine) + $695.00
External thermocouple + $125.00
Internal thermocouple + $125.00
Installation and Training + $3,500.00

Compact, High-Performance, Mid-to-High-Volume SMT Reflow Ovens

If your budget and floorspace are at a premium but you’re still looking for an oven that can provide higher temperatures and a tighter process window with low margin of error in lead-free reflow soldering, Manncorp’s CR8000 is your medium or high-volume production solution.

Our 8-zone CR8000 is 20%-30% shorter in length than other options with the same zone number and comparable throughput on the market. It also comes in at a lower price tag. The key to this compact and economic design is our proprietary combination of high-mass heat sources coupled with an efficient thermal transfer process that ensures uniform heating and unparalleled stability despite varying loads.

Independent Upper and Lower PID Temperature Controls for Each Heating Zone

The CR8000’s heating zone temperature controllers permit precise temperature profiling with an accuracy of ±1°C. With the addition of the high-speed blower installed adjacent to each heat source for maximum convection, you’re guaranteed a ΔT of ±2°C across the PCB assembly. This diffuser design provides our clients with low-velocity, low-turbulence air flow that prevents component shifts or disturbances.

If you’re looking for accurate, real-time temperature profiling to ensure the reflow process matches your solder paste manufacturer’s specifications, we offer optional thermocouple installations at critical locations on the PCB. Each oven comes with 3 built-in inputs standard for communication with the CR Series control software.

KIC Auto Focus Profile Prediction software offers you complete control over zone temperatures and belt speed settings for optimal temperature gradients, energy efficiency, or speed of production. Simply choose your solder past formula and process window, specify your product’s physical characteristics, and our software will provide you with zone temperature and belt speed settings for the job.

Pin-Over-Mesh Conveyors

Our 8-zone oven can meet virtually any product specification or production requirement with its standard adjustable-rail, pin-type conveyor. This system can handle PCBs up to 450 mm (17.7”) installed over a 570 mm (22”) stainless-steel mesh belt. With double-sided and inline processing capabilities, this belt is ideal for fast changeovers.

Each of our components is composed of high-quality, high-strength stainless steel and built to maintain dimensional tolerances at the high temperatures required by lead-free processing, eliminating the possibility of jams or dropped PCB assemblies.

Standard pin conveyor features for the 8-zone model include advanced automatic chain lubrication and motorized width adjustment. In addition, the conveyor speed is programmable at 400-1800 mm (16”-71”) per minute to accommodate your processing requirements.

Additional pin conveyor options include automatic width adjustment based on parameter settings for specific reflow programs and a center support system to prevent board warpage for processing of larger PCBs at higher lead-free temperatures.

Internal Water Cooling

Aggressive cooling is often necessary to reduce peak temperature exposure times in the lead-free soldering process as the higher liquid temperatures required approach the limits of numerous SMT components and PCB assemblies. That’s why our 8-Zone oven offers internal water-chilled recirculating cooling, allowing you to alter cooling rates to meet solder past manufacturers’ recommendations more accurately than possible with only air-cooling capabilities.

Process Management Capabilities

A clean, colorful, and easy-to-navigate visual UI allows you to operate and control any of our CR Series reflow systems. This interface features a full-screen, virtual view of the system with an array of preset and actual zone temperatures alongside system status and conveyor speed updates.

The operating system for each CR8000 includes advanced functions such as temperature profiling, timed automatic startup and shutdown options, audiovisual alarm options, and password protection.

This Windows-based operating system and control software is loaded onto a PC controller with unlimited storage and networking capability, a 15” flat-screen monitor, keyboard, and trackball. All of our systems employ a UPS backup to ensure removal of product out of the oven in the event of a power outage for your safety.

Nitrogen Atmosphere Compatible Models

The CR8000 is available in both standard and nitrogen-compatible configurations for those clients who want the flexibility of soldering in both environments.

It’s widely agreed that oxygen reduction through inert gas introduction (usually N2) allows for a wider process window and better solder joints through a reduction of oxidation. Our nitrogen-compatible heating chamber’s enhanced flow design lends itself to efficient heat transfer and ensures low nitrogen consumption while maintaining O2 levels of 300-1000 ppm.


Lead Free Compatible
Tin Lead (SnPb) Compatible
Nitrogen Atmosphere Compatible
Double-Sided Board Processing
CE Compliance
SMEMA Compatible

Board Handling

Heated Board Width
22.4" (570mm)
Mesh Belt Conveyor
Mesh Belt Width
22.4" (570mm)
Process Clearance Above Mesh Belt
2.5" (65mm)
Chain-Driven Pin Conveyor
Pin Conveyor Max. Width
17.7" (450mm)
Pin Conveyor Min. Width
1.97" (50mm)
Auto Adjust Pin Conveyor
Clearance Above Conveyor Pins
1.18" (30mm)
Clearance Below Conveyor Pins
.98" (25mm)
Powered Center Support
Automatic Chain Lubrication
Conveyor Speed
16-71"/min (400-1800mm/min)
Conveyor Height
35.4 ±0.8" (900mm ±20mm)
Conveyor Direction
Left to Right
Component Max. Height
30mm upper, 25mm lower


Forced Hot Air Convection
Number of Independently Controlled Heating Zones
16 total
8 upper, 8 lower
Total Heated Length
106" (2700 mm)
Number of Oven Convection Motors
16 Power: 120W x 16
Delta T
±2° C

Temperature Controls

PID (Proportional-Integral-Differential)
Temperature Control Accuracy
±1° C
PCB Temperature Tolerance
±2° C
Temperature Range
Ambient -350° C
Ramping Time (from cold start)
< 15 min
Profiling / Thermocouple Channels


Standard Cooling Method
Internal Chilled Water Cooling
Number of Cooling Zones
1 (2 with water cooling)
Cooling Tunnel Length
25" (635 mm)
Exit Temperature
Number of Cooling Fans
Three 45W or one 370W

Operating System and
User Interface

Windows Compatible PC
Touch Screen LCD
On-Screen Thermal Profiling and Parameter Setting
Print Capability
Data Logging & Event Recording
Audible, Visual (Light Tower)
and On-Screen Display

Dimensions & Physical

189" (4800 mm)
59.4" (1510 mm)
61" (1550 mm)
Net Weight
3990 lbs. (1810 kg)


Power Supply
220 VAC 3-Phase
Number of Exhaust Vents
Exhaust Venting Volume
400CFM per port
Conveyor & PC Power Supply
Uninterruptible Power Supply
for Conveyor & PC


Hood Opening Mechanism
Automatic Raise and Lower

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