CR4000T 4-Zone SMT Reflow Oven

This compact, free-standing, full-convection reflow oven can handle boards up to 500 mm (20”) wide. Its 6 1/2’-long frame offers 4 independent reflow zones, 3 thermocouple inputs, and LCD touchscreen controls. The CR4000T is your cost-effective solution for testing, prototyping, and short-run or pilot production. You won’t find this level of profile control in any other system at this price point.


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CR Series Spare Parts Kit (must be ordered w/machine)
- $695.00

Installation and Training
- $3,500.00

Unsurpassed Value and Performance

The CR4000T offers 4 independently controlled heating zones with full, forced hot-air convection reflow through high-mass heating panels and high-speed blowers, attaining temperatures up to 300°C. This heat is more than adequate for lead-free curing, guaranteeing a simple, low-cost solution to your mid-volume leaded and lead-free reflow requirements.

A compact size and sturdy base cabinet with leveling feet and rollers ensure simple integration into any factory setting. The CR4000T offers a stainless steel mesh belt that can accept boards up to 500 mm (20”) wide and can be operated at speeds up to 900 mm (30”) per minute, depending on PCB size, density, and product load. It also includes an integral 3-blower cooling zone and built-in exhaust venting, reducing assemblies to manageable handling temperatures.

Full-Profiling LCD Touchscreen

Your CR4000T comes complete with a full-color touchscreen LCD display with intuitive user interface, giving you a degree of control and security you would normally find in more expensive convection reflow systems. This system accepts data from the three built-in thermocouple inputs and can capture and store zone temperature test settings and belt speeds for precise and replicable thermal profiling in a matter of minutes. This system’s onboard storage and program selection are protected by a password to ensure the prevention of inadvertent changes to parameter settings.

Custom Solutions

We can accommodate the specific PCB assembly needs of your industry. Ask us about high thermal requirements, taller component assembly, and finer mesh belts to handle miniaturized parts. Reach out to with your questions.

Lead Free
Nitrogen Available
Mesh Belt Width
20" (500mm)
Pin Conveyor
Conveyor Speed (per min)
7.8-35.4" (200-900mm)
Component Max. Height
50mm upper
Forced Convection
Number of Heating Zones
4 Independently Controlled Topside Convection Zones
2 Lower Convection Zones Controlled by Topside
1 Cooling Zone
Heated Tunnel Length
52" (1320 mm)
Delta T
±2° C
Max Temperature
300° C
Ramp Time (from cold start)
< 15 min
Flux Management System
Touch Screen
On-Board Profiling
2000 mm L x 1200 mm W x 1450 mm H
(79" L x 47.2" W x 57" H)
approx. 850 kg (1874 lbs.)
220 V, 3-Phase, 60 A, 15KW
Required Active Exhaust
400CFM per port
# of Exhaust Vents
Battery Backup
UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply for Conveyor & PC
Hood Opening Mechanism
Automatic Raise and Lower


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