CR4000C 4-Zone SMT Reflow Oven

There’s no need to overbuy when it comes to your reflow ovens. Just because you’re searching for a 4-zone model with a compact footprint with medium-volume, lead-free capabilities doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice the performance characteristics and profiling options common in larger ovens. The CR4000C may be the right choice for your business.


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Automatic width adjustment of the pin conveyor based on the parameter settings for specific reflow programs + $1,295.00
CR Series Spare Parts Kit (must be ordered w/machine) + $695.00
SMEMA Interface + $995.00
Installation and Training + $3,500.00

Advanced Features Made Standard

The CR4000C reflow oven matches the capabilities of larger ovens feature-for-feature while saving you in space, energy usage, and money. The conveyor system features a stainless steel mesh belt with a board-heating width of 20” (500 mm) and a conveyor that can handle assemblies up to 16” (400 mm) wide. This combination conveyor provides you with maximum board handling flexibility and double-sided board processing capability. The pin conveyor’s automatic oiler is software-driven for optimal preventative maintenance and automatic pin conveyor width adjustment based on specific reflow program parameter settings is offered as a possible option.

Real-Time Temperature Profiling and Profile Prediction

The CR-4000C’s onboard computer comes pre-loaded with built-in Windows-based password-protected software, permitting on-screen profiling that sets oven parameters automatically, thanks to the partnered KIC Auto Focus profile prediction software. Thermal data from up to 3 separate thermocouple inputs can be charted on screen in real time.

Your control parameters produce a specific temperature profile that can be saved and loaded from memory for specific production runs. Once loaded up, settings including specific zone temperatures, upper and lower limits, alarms, and conveyor speeds can be adjusted per your specifications. Password protection keeps basic operator functions separate from critical parameter settings that should only be altered by supervisors or production managers.

Low Energy Consumption and Reliable Results

Your CR-4000C’s 4 independently controlled, forced hot-air convection zones of high-mass heating panels and 2 bottom-side convection zones, which span a total heating length of 52” (1320 mm) will provide you with reliable, easily replicated results. 3 thermocouple inputs are also standard on the unit for temperature profiling and thermal management.

This energy-efficient, environmentally friendly 6 ½’ unit consumes only 5-8 kW of electricity, even when ramped up to lead-free soldering temperatures of 300°C.

Timed startup and shutdown functions allow you to coordinate warm-up and cooldown times with production breaks and transitions between 3 separate shifts in each 24-hour period, promoting production preparedness and energy savings.

Lead Free
Nitrogen Available
Mesh Belt Width
20" (500mm)
Pin Conveyor
16" Max. (400mm)
Hand Crank. Power Adjust (optional)
Conveyor Speed (per min)
7.8-35.4" (200-900mm)
Component Max. Height
30mm upper, 25mm lower
Forced Convection
Number of Heating Zones
4 Independently Controlled Topside Convection Zones
2 Lower Convection Zones Controlled by Topside
1 Cooling Zone
Heated Tunnel Length
52" (1320 mm)
Delta T
±2° C
Max Temperature
300° C
Ramp Time (from cold start)
< 15 min
Flux Management System
On-Board Profiling
2000 mm L x 1200 mm W x 1450 mm H
(79" L x 47.2" W x 57" H)
approx. 950 kg (2095 lbs.)
220 V, 3-Phase, 60 A, 19KW
Required Active Exhaust
400CFM per port
# of Exhaust Vents
Battery Backup
UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply for Conveyor & PC
Hood Opening Mechanism
Automatic Raise and Lower


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