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850 Desktop Reflow Oven

Model 850 is a versatile, affordable benchtop reflow oven suited to low-volume, small batch, and PCBA prototyping applications. The oven can also be used for curing and drying.

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The 850 batch reflow oven is one of the most cost-effective bench top convection ovens on the market.


Applicable Solder Types Lead-Free and Leaded
PCB Size (Max.) 13" (330 mm) x 9.4" (240 mm)
Heating Method Forced Hot Air Convection;
Resistance Heaters
Min / Max Temperatures Preheat stage: 50°C/230°C
Reflow stage: 60°C/260°C
Temperature Control Method PID Control; ±1.5%
Warm-up Time 90°C/min
Programming LCD Touchscreen
Power 220 V, Single Phase, 50/60 Hz
1.5 KW; 4 KW (max.)
Dimensions 27.4" L x 21.2" W x 16.1" H
(695 mm L x 540 mm W x 410 mm H)
Weight approx. 55 lbs. (25 Kg)


Versatile Hot Air Convection Oven
A high level of functionality and control make the Model 850 lead-free reflow soldering oven an ideal choice for low-volume or prototyping.

Higher volume manufacturers can qualify materials and process windows without tying up production equipment, while low volume assemblers, schools and laboratories can use the Model 850 for pilot runs, prototyping and training.

Model 850 provides nearly all the essential tools needed to do some fairly advanced process development and experimentation in a low-cost bench-top system. It can also be used to "hot bake" moisture-sensitive devices prior to assembly, to eliminate the risk of moisture-related defects like popcorning.
Easy Control & Monitoring
Preheat- and reflow-phase time and temperature settings, controllable through an LCD touchscreen display, allow the Model 850 to attain a wide variety of thermal profiles for a broad assortment of reflow soldering, curing, and drying applications.

Built-in thermocouple, easy-read display, and large double-pane glass window allow the operator to fully monitor the entire process.
Compact Unit with Large Board Capability
Model 850 measures less than 28" x 22" x 17" (695 x 540 x 410 mm) yet reflows both SnPb and lead-free PCB assemblies up to 13" x 9.4" (330 x 240 mm) using forced hot air convection.

Warm-up time is quick in this compact oven, only 90˚C/min.



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