StencilWasher LDO Stencil Cleaner

Ultrasonic StencilWasher LDO removes all types of un-reflowed solder paste, including lead-free, as well as uncured adhesives from stencils, screens and misprinted PCBs, safely and gently. Its built-in wash-solution filtration and recirculation system cuts down on the amount of wastewater sent to drain while maximizing the useful life of your wash solution.

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Lockable Casters for StencilWasher LDO & ZDO + $655.00
Adjustable Misprint Rack + $1450.00
Simple Green Stencil & Misprint Cleaner, 1 Gallon + $205.00
StencilWash PLUS Solder Paste and Adhesive Remover, 5 Gal. + $360.00

Minimize wash solution costs

Minimize your wash solution costs with the StencilWasher LDO, which uses a built-in wash-solution filtration and recirculation system to reuse wash solution rather than sending it directly to drain.


Uses ultrasonic technology

StencilWasher LDO uses ultrasonic technology to remove both un-reflowed solder paste—including dried-on pastes—and uncured adhesives from stencils, screens and misprints, gently and without risk of damage to delicate stencils. StencilWasher LDO is effective even on fine-pitch stencils.


Complete wash, rinse and dry functions

Complete wash, rinse and dry functions are included, along with a programmable wash cycle timer, wash solution heater, wash solution filtration, powered drain/filtration pumps, rinse and dry wants, stainless steel wash and rinse tanks, drip-proof stainless steel decks and more. StencilWasher LDO's ultrasonics are generated by 1,000-watt side-mounted transducers


Accommodates large PCBs

StencilWasher LDO accommodates stencils, screens and misprinted PCBs to 29" x 29" (736 x 736 mm).


StencilWasher LDO Specifications
Application Solder paste & uncured adhesive removal
Dimensions 48" L x 34" W x 40" H
Weight 550 lbs
Construction Welded tube steel frame and 16-gauge steel panels
Finish Power-coat epoxy
Internal Plumbing Stainless steel polypropylene
Electrical Requirements 208-240 VAC 1 Ø 50 amps
Wash Tank Capacity 35 gallons (132 liters)
Maximum Stencil Size 29" x 29" (74 cm x 74 cm)
Full immersion
Drain Requirements 3/4" NPT
Wash Cycle Timer Digital 1-99 minutes
Ultrasonics 1000-watt side-mounted transducers
Hand-Held Rinse Wand Standard
Hand-Held Airknife Standard
Wash Solution Heating Standard
Wash Solution Filtration Standard

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